Classes + Course Requirements

The animation school's curriculum features a special sequence of courses that, frame-by-frame, encourages organic synergies to develop as students gain the skills and habits necessary to succeed in the animation industry.

1st Year

Your journey begins in Foundation where you will explore different techniques and skills and find new passions that you didn't know you had.

2nd Year

  • Principles of Animation
  • Digital Methods
  • History of Animation
  • Visual Communication
  • Contemporary Animation History

3rd Year

  • Explorations in Animation
  • Ideas in Motion

4th Year

  • Senior Studio I
  • Senior Studio II
  • Professional Practice

“KCAI showed me every step of the process and gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams. Being able to adapt as a filmmaker and artist has been my greatest strength in my career.”

Josh Herron (‘10 Animation)


Tony Jones Studios of Animation and Illustration

Immerse yourself in the art of animation in our newly-renovated, three-story animation building that features dedicated studios for every student. This tech-savvy environment has multi-media walls and high-tech lighting to darken the space for presentations. Collaborate with one another, using a variety of essential creative tools all within your reach.

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Cinema 4D
  • Dragonframe
  • Dedicated Stop-motion Studios
  • Edlekrone Motion Control Systems
  • Traditional Animation Lightbox Lab
  • Digital Pencil Testers
  • Sound Mastering Studio
  • Oculus Rift S
  • Rokoko Smartsuits

Career Paths + Career Outcomes

KCAI Animation school graduates work in small houses and major studios as 2, 3D, and stop-motion Animators, Visual Effects Designers, Directors, Editors, Storyboard Artists, Character Designers, Production Artists, Video Game Developers, Independent Freelances, Teachers, and scholars. Recent Employers include Nickelodeon, Netflix, Walt Disney Company, Titmouse, Apple, Google, Fox, and Sony.

KCAI's Professional Practice Center will help you prepare for your career after college by providing you with professional development programs, employment, and internship opportunities, and one-on-one career advising.

A year-long production

Seniors devote their entire year to fully producing a project from concept, creation, and critique to final delivery. Building on their entire undergraduate knowledge base each student puts their skills and experiences to the test and produces the unique centerpiece of their portfolio.

Frame by Frame Festival

Anticipation builds all year for our annual student animation festival — currently in its 18th year. Students from across the department submit finished work to be juried and screened at the end of our spring semester. Our beloved festival is a must-see event and is always enthusiastically attended by our local arts community.

Hands On Experience

Develop your skills and build your portfolio when you intern as an animator at regional and national companies like Pixar and Disney. You'll work alongside and build relationships with some of the best animators in the business.

Animation Alumni

Animation school alumni work across the animation sector.

Savannah Hamilton Savannah Hamilton ('19 Animation)
Foundation_Faculty_Headshots-52_Website_Tall_900x1386 John W Berry ('12 Animation)
About-Josh-Drawing Joshua Herron ('10 Animation)