Classes + Course Requirements

  • Sophomores learn through production assignments.
  • Juniors develop their personal vision through independent production projects and research.
  • Senior year is dedicated to a year-long project that culminates in an off-campus film exhibition and artist talk. 

1st year

Your journey starts in the Foundation program where you will explore new techniques and choose your journey.

2nd year

  • Intro to Filmmaking
  • History of the Moving Image
  • Intermediate Filmmaking

3rd year

  • Junior Filmmaking Workshop I & II
  • ProPractice
  • Audio Vision

4th year

  • Senior Filmmaking Workshop I & II
  • Filmmaking Senior Thesis & Professional Practice
I don’t always know what to say, but I know how to speak through art. Being here has changed my life, and I want others to have the same experience.

Bella Grace Cordero ('23 Filmmaking)


Tal Wilson


East Building

In the Film School, students have access to state-of-the-art equipment to learn filmmaking techniques including cinematography, sound recording, time-lapse videography, video editing, color treatment, sound mixing, and motion graphic sequences.

  • Cameras (DSLRs, 1080P, 2K, Sony 4K and Black Magic Cinema Cameras) with a variety of lenses & filters
  • Lighting (variety of LED panels, traditional continuous light kits, MIDI PARs)
  • Tripods (fluid heads and Hi-hat), monopods, jibs, gimbals, crane, mechanical slider, shoulder mounts, C stands, green-screen
  • Microphones (shotgun, lavalier, boom, condenser, etc.), audio recorders and field mixers
  • Grip equipment, copy stand for animation
  • A range of video projectors


  • Video and green-screen studio
  • Sound 5.1 sound design studio, ADR studio, sound mixing studio bay
  • 12 video editing and motion graphic bays


  • Adobe Suite: Premiere, After Effects, Audition, ProTools, Photoshop
  • MadMapper, Modul8 and Open Broadcast Software

Career Paths + Career Outcomes

Film School graduates work as Directors, Film Editors, Cinematographers, Independent Filmmakers, Screenwriters, Producers, Production Designers, Casting Directors, Film Critics, Film Archivists, Sound Editors, and Script Writers. Employers include Apple, Disney, Nickelodeon, Google, Netflix, Fabricatorz Foundation, and MK12.

KCAI's Professional Practice Center is here to help you prepare for your career.

Connect with Industry Pros

Juniors and seniors receive professional experience through AKCESS CoLab, a semester-long program created to educate, grow, and develop undergraduate students in the filmmaking and production fields. Young digital creators enhance their skillset through access to industry opportunities, professional development tools, and top-of-the-line production resources.

Filmmaking Alumni

Film school alumni are leaders in their fields.

tempImagewVeP0o Johanna Brooks ('14 Filmmaking)
CD_2020ProfilePicture copy Chris Durr ('08 Filmmaking)
4b8673_77eb9f09f8c74b31811e04fdb10e0996_mv2_co.width-600_Eo6trr2 Andy Harbeck ('97 Photo/Video)
DonJBernier-headshot-2018-1 Don Bernier ('94 Photo/Video)