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The total cost to attend KCAI for one academic year is called Cost of Attendance. It includes tuition for fall and spring semesters, an estimate of fees, costs for books and supplies, housing and food, transportation and personal expenses. For this estimate, see Cost of Attendance.

2023 - 2024 Tuition + Fees


  • Annual (12-18 credits) - $42,000
  • Per Semester - $21,000
  • Summer Tuition (per credit) - $440


  • Campus Fee (all departments) - $800
  • Annual Technology Fee - $600
  • Annual Health and Wellness Fee* - $150
  • Summer Department Fee (per credit) - $34
  • Late Registration Fee** - $200

*The health and wellness fee is paid each semester by all students. The fees collected are used to provide access to medical and mental health resources, as well as general wellness programs and resources for all students.
**Students who are dropped for non-payment and re-registered

KCAI helps over 99% of our students find the financial aid they need to pursue their B.F.A. degree.

2023 - 2024 Housing + Food Plans


  • Double Room (two semesters) - $9,170
  • Non-Refundable Application Fee - $50

Wylie Dining Resident Food Plans

  • 14 meals per week* - $3,340
  • 19 meals per week** - $3,730

Non-Resident Food Plans

  • 45 meals per semester*** - $630
  • 75 meals per semester*** - $855
  • 115 meals per semester*** - $1,135

*Includes $125 dining dollars annually
**Includes $200 dining dollars annually
***Includes $250 dining dollars per semester
Dining dollars are for use at Café Nerman

Choose the way you prefer to pay

There are several options for paying tuition and other student fees. If you need assistance or have any questions about your payments, please contact the Financial Aid Office regarding loans, scholarships, grants, and work study at or call 816.802.3337. Please contact the Business Office regarding tuition and fee charges as well as payment at or 816-802-3500.

The Student Account Center (SAC) is a service KCAI provides to help manage educational expenses in a one-stop, real-time environment administered by Nelnet Campus Commerce. This online portal will allow you to view up-to-the-minute account activity, make payments, and enroll in an optional semester monthly payment plan.

Due to federal student privacy regulations (FERPA), initial access to the Student Account Center is granted only to the student through the Required Student Disclosure Form that is completed with your application. If your FERPA permissions need updated, email the Registrar’s Office from your KCAI email with the following information: Student ID, Student Name, FERPA contact name, FERPA contact phone number, and FERPA contact email address.

After entering the Student Account Center, the student will have access to a portal that will offer the following features:

  • Account Summary Data & Activity – available 24/7 with real time updates, including financial aid.
  • Ability to add an Authorized Payer – Login to Nelnet – Student Account Center through MyKCAI. Click My Profile from the blue navigation bar at the top of the screen. Click add or edit in the Manage Payers section. Follow the step-by-step instructions. Once the process has been completed, the Authorized Payer will receive an email to create an online account.
  • View Available Payment Options – including enroll in a payment plan or make one-time payments by available payment methods.
    • Payment plans allow you to spread your student’s education expenses over smaller monthly installments, paid over the course of the school semester. Enrollment fee and first payment is due at the time of enrollment. Your only cost is an enrollment fee of $57 and down payment is due at the time of enrollment. Please note that a 2.85% service fee will be charged if using a credit/debit card. There are no service fees for payments made from a checking or savings account (ACH).

Payment Options

Last Day to Enroll Required Down Payment (=one month installment) Number of Payments (not including the down payment) Month of Payments
June 19 1/6 of the balance 5 July - November
July 10 1/5 of the balance 4 August - November
August 10 1/4 of the balance 3 September - November
September 10 1/3 of the balance 2 October - November

Payment due on the 10 of the month

Last Day to Enroll Required Down Payment (=one month installment) Number of Payments (not including down payment) Months of Payments
June 25 1/6 of the balance 5 July - November
July 25 1/5 of the balance 4 August - November
August 25 1/4 of the balance 3 September - November
September 25 1/3 of the balance 2 October - November

Payment due on the 25 of the month

An example

  • An individual decides to sign up for the 5-month installment plan on November 17, with payment due on the 10 of each month.
    • The overall balance for the semester is $3,500.
    • To determine the down payment, take the overall balance divided by the number of months in the installment plan +1.
      • Therefore, $3,500 / 6.
    • The down payment and the 5 monthly installments thereafter will be $583.33. The down payment would be due at enrollment on November 17, and the first monthly installment would be due on December 10.
  • Families who wish to pay for educational expenses online may choose a one-time payment option within Nelnet – The KCAI Business Office does NOT accept credit/debit card payments for tuition & fees. All credit/debit card payments must be paid online. There is a fee for credit/debit card payments of 2.85%.This amount will be added to the credit card transaction. There are no service fees for payments made from a checking or savings account (ACH).

Pay by Mail
Mail payment to Kansas City Art Institute; Business Office; P.O. Box 843036; Kansas City MO 64184-3036 to be received no later than the payment deadline each semester. Please include the student’s legal name and ID# in the memo of the check.

GradGuard's Tuition Protection Plan

Is your family prepared for the unexpected after classes begin? Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with GradGuard’s™ Tuition Protection Plan.

We believe it’s important to offer an easy, affordable way to protect the investment your family has made in higher education. That’s why Kansas City Art Institute has partnered with GradGuard to provide our families with tuition insurance featuring modern-day benefits and rates available through school partnerships.

This policy complements the scope of your school’s refund policy by aiding in the reimbursement for tuition, room and board and other fees for covered withdrawals at any time during the semester. Plans also include Student Life Assistance: a 24-hour emergency hotline that offers students and parents even greater peace of mind.

More Information

Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Pricing and Plans vary by state. Visit for terms.