Student Support Services

Students at KCAI are encouraged to seek assistance offered through student support services, which includes help with academic support and disability services. In addition, KCAI offers free and confidential on and off-campus counseling for students.

Wellness Services

KCAI provides access to medical and mental health resources. Resources include confidential on campus counseling services, as well as Teladoc. Through Teladoc, students may book appointments through secure video or phone to work with board certified physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists. Teladoc services are included with the KCAI Student Health and Wellness Fee.

Disability Services

Disability services provides assistance to students with physical, psychological, ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities who are eligible for reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Students are encouraged to notify Disability Services, as soon as possible, as certain accommodations require time to arrange. Please follow the instructions on the request form below to request accommodations.

Reasonable Accommodations Form

Additional information, including guidance from the Office of Civil Rights can be found at

Guidance from the Office of Civil Rights