KCAI Overflow Housing FAQs

Common questions about overflow housing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why isn’t there enough housing to support all students who wish to live on campus?

This is a common challenge for colleges and universities in that more and more students wish to live on campus. Securing overflow housing has become a common practice for colleges.

Q: How many students will be housed at the Extended Stay America Hotel?

We anticipate 50-60 students will be residing in the hotel. KCAI’s residential community will be a combination of new transfer students, both foundation and major studio transfer students, as well as returning students. The Extended Stay America Hotel has served as overflow student housing for the past two academic years.

Q: How will students be selected to move to the residence hall as spaces become available?

New students, in the order in which their applications were received, will be prioritized first as spaces become available. Returning students will follow. Eligible students will be contacted via their KCAI student email when a space becomes available in the residence hall. KCAI will help students relocate to BMRH.

Q: When students are asked to move to BMRH, will students be able to keep the same roommate?

Although we will do our best to accommodate roommates when moving to the BMRH, we cannot guarantee we will be able to do so.

Q: Are students required to move when a space becomes available in BMRH?

As space becomes available, students are required to move to BMRH.

Q: Will there be live-in KCAI staff in the Extended Stay America Hotel?

A student staff member will serve as the Resident Assistant (RA) for the KCAI community residing at the hotel. The RA will have the same responsibilities as RAs who are assigned to the residence hall. RAs help students build their residential community, as well as provide support and connect students to resources. Professional staff members will be available during business hours to all residents.

Q: How is KCAI going to keep students safe?

Student safety is a top priority. The KCAI security team is available 24/7 and can be reached at 816-931-6666. Guards are responsible for patrolling the campus regularly, as well as the hotel parking lot and surrounding street. Upon request, security will escort students to or from the hotel, parking lot, and classroom buildings, Hotel staff is also available to assist students.

Q: Are the move-in instructions different?

Students will report directly to the Extended Stay on move in day, Thursday, August 17, and can check in at the front desk. The RA for the residential community at the hotel will be on site to greet students and answer any questions they may have.

Q: What to bring list (if different from the on-campus list)

Students should pack what they would bring if they were moving into the Barbara Marshall Residence Hall as they will be asked to move to BMRH when space becomes available. Bed and bath linens and a small, furnished kitchenette are provided in the hotel rooms.

Q: How far away is the Extended Stay America Hotel?

The Extended Stay America Hotel is 0.2 miles from campus. This is approximately the same distance from the residence hall to the Foundation North Building.

Q: How will students stay connected and feel like part of the campus?

Residents at the hotel will have a RA who will help students connect to campus and resources. Additionally, all new students will attend New Student Orientation on August 18 and 19. More information will be sent to students via their KCAI email address this summer.

Residents are encouraged to use all the amenities on campus and in the Barbara Marshall Residence Hall, including study lounges, community living rooms, laundry facilities, and the game room.

Q: What is the cost difference between BMRH and the hotel??

There is no cost difference between the residence hall and the hotel.

Q: Will I be able to leave my personal belongings in my room during winter break?

Winter break is not included in the housing contract for hotel residents; however, for an additional fee, residents may discuss options to keep their personal belongings in their rooms during break directly with the hotel.

Q: Do I have to purchase a meal plan if I am assigned to the hotel?

Yes, all residents, including hotel residents, must purchase a 14 or 19 meals-per-week plan

Q: Do I need to provide my own linens?

Hotel residents do not need to provide their own linens. Bed and bath linens are provided for hotel residents.

Please note, if/when hotel residents are moved from the hotel to the Barbara Marshall Residence Hall, linens are not provided. The mattresses are an extra long twin.

Q: What furniture is provided in the hotel?

Rooms at the hotel come furnished with 2 queen beds, chairs, drawer and hanging space.

Q: Am I allowed to decorate my room?

Residents shall not decorate rooms by hanging or mounting items on the walls, or any other actions that would result in potential damage to the room.

Q: Is there housekeeping in ESA?

Yes, weekly housekeeping is provided.

Q: Can I have a fridge, microwave, toaster, and coffee maker?

Each room has a micro kitchen that includes a sink, two stove top burners, a microwave, and a refrigerator. Pots, pans, cooking utensils, plates, and silverware are also available. Because each room has a micro kitchen, no additional hotpots, toaster ovens, or coffee pots are allowed in the room. Keurig machines are permitted.

Q: Where will I park?

Free outdoor parking is available at the hotel, as well as in campus parking lots and surrounding streets. The BMRH parking garage is an additional fee and available to BMRH residents only.

Q: What if I am assigned to the hotel and I want to cancel my housing contract?

Students who have applied for housing who are not required to live on campus may cancel their housing contract without penalty no later than August 14, 2023. Please note, the housing contract is a two-semester contract.

Q: Are the rooms about the same size in the hotel compared to the residence hall?

Hotel rooms feature two queen beds and a similar amount of space.

Q: Are students able to select a single room or will they be required to have a roommate?

Students assigned to the residential community at the hotel will be assigned a roommate.

Q: Do the same rules apply in the hotel location?

Students are required to follow all policies included in the Kansas City Art Institute Student Handbook and housing contract. Those policies include but are not limited to: alcohol use and possession, smoking, guests, quiet hours, keys/key cards, and identification.

Q: What do the rooms look like?

Please see the slide show below for a complete overview of the hotel.

Extended Stay America Virtual Tour