Social Practice

Social Practice

KCAI offers a minor in Social Practice to complement a B.F.A in any major.

The Social Practice Program is designed to immerse students in the diverse field of socially engaged art. Through studio and liberal arts courses, this multidisciplinary program exposes students to lines of inquiry that address their role in society and will look at the function of art practice to consider the cultural, economic, environmental, political and social conundrums of today. Grounded in providing a strong historical, conceptual and material foundation, the program prepares students with the knowledge and skill needed to be ethically in dialogue with the global/local considerations of our times. The program encourages students to continue their socially engaged practice and inquiries beyond graduation into their professional career.

The Social Practice minor requires 16-credit hours. Students in any major can elect to complete the minor with careful course planning.

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Introduction to Social Practice (3 Credits)
A studio elective designed to give students a conceptual and historical foundation of socially-engaged art practice.

Collaborative Art Practice (3 Credits)
An introduction to key concepts needed to examine social practice. Students will engage with off-campus organizations on a semester-long project.

Capstone Seminar (1 Credit)
A roundtable discussion course which helps students develop and complete two assignments for the fulfillment of their Social Practice minor: an artist talk and a future project proposal.

Open Electives (9 Credits)
KCAI offers a number of elective courses spanning different disciplines that will count toward the Social Practice minor. Please refer to the Academic Catalog for a listing of currently available courses.

Social Practice Minor Requirements


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