Asian Studies

Asian Studies

Participate in KCAI’s Asian Studies certificate program and study the language, art, aesthetics and creative activities of China and Japan. Pursue an intensive study of East Asia through designated courses in language, art history, literature, history and philosophy, to accompany a studio component.  At the end of the program, you will write a 1,000-word “reflection paper” and give a short presentation discussing your experiences and communicate ideas that indicate a more comprehensive understanding of the nature of Asian studies. Requirements include an Asian language (Chinese and Japanese languages are offered at KCAI), a survey-level Asian art history course (Survey of Asian Art, Survey of Chinese Art or Survey of Japanese Art), two liberal arts electives that have an Asian emphasis and a studio elective where students complete a studio project with an Asian emphasis.

The Asian Studies certificate requires 15-credit hours. Students in any major can elect to complete the certificate with careful course planning.


A variety of liberal arts electives have an Asian emphasis and count toward the Asian Studies certificate. Some of these courses enable students to explore multiple Asian cultures, such as “Survey of Asian Art,” “Topics in Asian Art: Text and Image,” “Buddhist Arts of Asia,” and “World Religions.” Other courses focus on certain art forms, topics, or chronological periods, such as “Asian Animation,” “Asian Ceramics,” “Japanese Prints,” “Contemporary Japanese Art,” “Gender in Japanese Art,” “Modern Chinese Literature in Translation,” along with many others. A more intensive and focused study of Asian art and culture can be found in the art history seminar courses “East Meets West” and “Art of Zen.” Additionally, students can fulfill Asian Studies certificate requirements through travel-study programs to China or Southeast Asia.

Asian Studies Minor Requirements

For more information about the Asian Studies certificate, please contact Jan Kennedy, Ph.D, associate professor of art history, at 816-802-3372 or