Careers Overview

Gain the Professional Edge

KCAI prepares students to be professionals in their fields. Whether they plan to pursue a studio practice, self-employment, business ownership, or employment within an existing organization, our students graduate with a professional aptitude. The Professional Practice Center offers personalized career counseling and professional development opportunities so students can meet their goals. KCAI is working to give students and graduates a leg-up in the industry of their choosing.


Professional Practice Center

The Professional Practice Center (PPC) at KCAI is excited to work with students to achieve their career goals. Learn how the PPC can help you prepare for a successful career in any field, and access the Professional Practice Portal (the Portal).



Student Internship Information

Nothing prepares you more for the workforce than an internship at one of the many creative industries partners. Our interns work with renown local and national companies as well as professional studio artists.



Employers and Internship Hosts

Interested in connecting with KCAI students and alumni with job and internship opportunities? Get started in the Professional Practice Portal (the Portal).



Sponsored Studio

Sponsored Studio is a program of KCAI that connects businesses with students to address challenges in need of creative solutions. The program provides an unrivaled educational experience for students while also assisting business partners with a fresh approach to their research and development, creative communications, and business challenges. 



Alumni Success

Graduates of KCAI are working in a variety of industries and doing big things. Check out some alumni success stories here.