Public Reception
November 10, 5-8 p.m.
Free snacks and beverages served

Public Program and Artist Talk
November 17, 12 p.m.

The Photo Pro-Practice: Exhibition Development course allowed us as students, artists, and emerging curators to engage with the art practices of our peers and effectively respond to the craft, quality, and function of the work. We found the connections each of the artists have to the recurring themes of Nature, Belonging, and Material/Function. These key elements remain universal in our understanding and engagement with an artist’s practice regardless of medium or concept. As a result, the works were consciously curated based on each artist’s interpretation and response to the world around them as shown through the formal qualities of the work. These installations, sculptures, video works, paintings, and photographs embrace sustainability whether it be cultural or environmental in reaction to these constraints. We chose these themes as outlets to navigate and understand space. 

The selected works are navigating space internally and externally. Internally, these are referencing the artist’s thoughts or feelings. Externally, they represent and reproduce natural or man-made forms. These artists show us what it means to  take up space within a gallery or institutional setting. Our team collaborated with courses: The Digital Line , Designing Ceramics for Personal Use: Objects of Purpose, and Cultivation: Drawing Intentional Relationships with Plants and selected artists to investigate the breadth and depth of space.

Artists: Cam Amys, Jack Brooks, Victoria Cairns, Miles Callahan, Kira Dimarco, Roach Elias, Savannah Giang, Zak Gorsuch, Ezra Howat, Gage Macias, Meranda McDermott, Lucky Moe, Molly Porter, Riley Rouse, Chris Ruckman, Catherine Ryback, Hailianne Schawo, Mars Thomas,  Riley Valentine, and Ambs Welch