• IRA Rollover: If you are 72 or older, ask your IRA administrator to direct your annual required minimum distribution (RMD) to KCAI. While you will not receive an income tax deduction, you will not pay income taxes on any distributions (up to $100,000) to KCAI. 
  • Personal Property: If you are interested in gifting an item to KCAI (i.e. painting, sculpture, or a collection) please contact us at advancement@kcai.edu so we can facilitate a conversation to best accomplish your goals. 
  • Publicly Traded Stock Shares
    • The most common method of delivery of marketable securities is an electronic transfer through Depository Trust Company.
    • Any DTC-eligible securities can be transferred electronically to the The Kansas City Art Institute, Federal tax I.D. # 44-0546278, through City National Bank
    • Gifts of stock can be made to:
      DTC: 0226, National Finance Services
      Further credit to account #: NYK003695
      Account Name : Kansas City Art Institute - Gift Account
      Custodian contact: Brett Lane
      office 212.207.6846
      cell 443.803.8828
      It is important that you notify KCAI before making a gift of DTC-eligible securities. Without this notice, your gift may be transferred to KCAI without our knowledge of your identity. This makes it difficult to provide you with proper credit and timely acknowledgement for your gift. 

For more intricate gifts, please contact Chris Sumner, Vice President of Institutional Advancement at 816.802.3465 to help assist in the execution of your intentions.