• Semester, summer and post-grad programs

  • Transfer credits

  • Discounted tuition and/or exclusive scholarships

  • Tuition and fees paid to host school

In addition to our exchange partners, KCAI has several special agreements and relationships with various schools within the U.S. and around the world. Consortium partnerships allow you to receive benefits such as special tuition discounts and exclusive consortium scholarships at the host school.  


  • Vary by program


  • Semester-long programs will require a student to take a leave of absence from KCAI. This does not apply to short-term programs that take place between KCAI semesters.
  • Tuition and fees are paid directly to the host school.
  • KCAI financial aid may not be used. Students will need to investigate alternative scholarships and funding resources.
  • Transfer credit must be approved by your academic advisor and department chair prior to travel.


  • Norfolk, Connecticut – Yale/Norfolk Summer School of Art – This is a competitive, tuition-free program; students are nominated by their department to apply.  Twenty-six students from around the country are selected each year to study painting, photography, drawing, printmaking, the moving image and performance for six weeks and receive academic credit for their work.
  • Florence, Italy – Studio Arts College International  – Immerse yourself in the culture and community of Florence in a study abroad program that will change the way you think about art.
  • Saugatuck, Michigan – Ox-bow Summer Fellowship – The Fellowship program provides room/board and stipend and can be life-changing for students as they have the opportunity to build a network of peers and artists that will last long beyond their time at Ox-Bow.
  • Paris, France – Parsons Paris – Summer programs allow you to experience Paris from an insider’s perspective by exploring the many facets of art, design, fashion, and photography firsthand throughout the city.
  • Multiple countries — Study Abroad Italy (SAI) — Study abroad at the top schools for English-speaking students in Europe. SAI offers coursework across the arts spectrum, from foundational courses in Painting and Drawing to cutting-edge courses in 3D Animation and Video Game Design.

New programs are being created abroad, such as the Studio Nong International Internship in China. Our students also participate in programs at Anderson Ranch, Penland, and Skowhegan.

For more information, please contact the registrar’s office.