Be well in all that you do

KCAI offers a number of supportive activities that encourage a balanced lifestyle. This includes both on- and off-campus activities that promote physical, mental and spiritual wellness. More importantly, 99% of them are FREE!

From recreational sports activities to smoking cessation and care clinics, and from various support groups to professional counseling and therapy, resources for everything you need to maintain your personal well being are available and made as accessible as possible.

Personal Counseling

Students’ emotional health is a priority to our campus community. KCAI has contracted mental health professionals to meet with students on-campus during the academic year. Counselors meet with students weekly for a variety of presenting concerns. This service is free to enrolled students and is on a first come first served basis.

Students may be concerned about:

Transitioning to KCAI from high school
Transferring to KCAI from a different college, community college or art school
Adjusting to life at art school as a non-traditional student
Eating concerns/body image
Sexual orientation/gender Identity
Suicide prevention and warning signs
Time management concerns
Surviving a difficult critique with your self-esteem intact
Just having a difficult time

For emergencies, please call campus security at 816-931-6666, call 911, or go to the nearest emergency room.

Download Off-Campus and Emergency Mental Health Resources


View the video below to learn more about counseling services, how to request an appointment, as well as the resources available through disability services.