Summer Programs

We offer summer programs to high school students and educators by giving them access to the faculty and resources of KCAI through residencies, workshops, and classes. Whether you want to learn a new skill to teach your students or want to know what it is like to be an art student, we have a program for you.



High School Students

Pre-College ArtLab (PCAL)

Spend your summer living and working as an artist in Kansas City. Pre-College ArtLab (PCAL) lets students ages 15 to 18 try out life at KCAI. Stay for two weeks in our loft-style suites. Study with KCAI faculty in subjects like life drawing and Art History. You’ll select a studio major, and professional practice classes will give you a taste for career paths in art and design. Students who complete PCAL are eligible for a $6,000 tuition scholarship divided over four years of study at KCAI.

Are you interested in learning more about PCAL? Fill out the inquiry form below and a member of our admissions team will contact you. 


Art Educators

Educators ArtLab (EAL)

You work hard all school-year fostering creativity in others. So, why not let KCAI nurture your artistic practice this summer during the Educators ArtLab (EAL)? During EAL, high school art educators from around the country spend a full week living on campus exploring new ideas and techniques with KCAI faculty. If selected to participate, you’ll be pushed, pampered, and primed for another rewarding year in the classroom.