Transferring Credit

All students requesting transfer credit must submit official transcript(s) from all colleges attended.

Advanced Placement + International Baccalaureate

Students who earn AP/IB credit during high school may apply the credits to KCAI degree requirements within the guidelines indicated below in the Transfer Credit Guide. KCAI must have the official AP/IB transcript before transfer credit can be granted.

How is it determined at what level a transfer student will enter KCAI?

Placement is determined by the total number of transferable studio credits and by the level of competence as indicated by the portfolio submitted for admission.

What courses will transfer?

KCAI will consider transferring a maximum total of 63 credits in liberal arts and/or studio that meet KCAI’s requirements, with a grade of “C” or better and non-graded courses for which the student earned credits equivalent to a "C" or better: Satisfactory (S), Pass (P) or Credit (C or CR). (Additional documentation may need to be submitted regarding non-grade courses and their grade equivalents if not noted on transcript). Institutions must be accredited by any of the regional accrediting associations or by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. KCAI will also consider transferring credits from the Art Institutes International, as well as credits taken toward a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree within non-U.S. institutions. Guidelines regarding submitting official transcripts from non-U.S. institutions are located at

How is it determined how much transfer credit a student will receive?

Approximately one to two weeks after acceptance to KCAI, the transfer student receives an evaluation by the Office of Admissions of the transferable credits completed at a previous college(s).

How does KCAI convert quarter hours to semester hours?

Credits at KCAI are semester hours. A student coming from a college or university on the quarter system will receive two-thirds of a semester hour for every quarter hour.

Credit Conversions – Quarter = Semester credits

  • 3 Quarter = 2 Semester credits
  • 4 Quarter = 2 2/3 Semester credits
  • 5 Quarter = 3 1/3 Semester credits
  • 6 Quarter = 4 Semester credits

Will transferred courses be figured as part of a student's cumulative grade point average?

Grades for transferred credit will not be calculated into the KCAI cumulative grade point average, with the exception of mobility and KCASE exchange course grades, which are included in the GPA.

Transfer Credit Guide Fall 2023

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