Kim Eichler-Messmer has taught surface design, quilting, and natural dye since 2008. Kim received an MFA in Textiles from the University of Kansas and a BFA in Studio Art from Iowa State University. She creates quilts that explore structure and pattern in the natural world through the use of hand dyed and screen-printed textiles and complex, often improvisational, piecing. Her quilts are constructed of natural materials and she uses dyes and pigments made from plants and insects, many of which she grows or forages herself. 

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally in numerous solo and juried shows. Kim has collaborated with West Elm and Pottery Barn and has designed two commercial fabric lines inspired by her own hand dyed textiles. She is the author of “Modern Color: An Illustrated Guide to Dyeing Fabric for Modern Quilts” and has been featured in “Quilting with a Modern Slant” by Rachel May and “The Uppercase Compendium of Craft and Creativity” by Janine Vangool, among others.