April 26, 2022

Zahner competition gives students valuable fabrication experience

Working with fabricators to execute an artistic vision is usually reserved for architects and artists with big budgets. Thanks to the Zahner Art Competition, 14 KCAI students are getting the chance to collaborate with the nationally renowned metal fabricator. The sculptures they’re creating will be auctioned at the Art & Design Auction on June 4th to benefit student scholarships. “To be competitive and successful on the global stage, young artists need to learn how to work with fabricators. It’s an incredible real-world experience,” said Zahner Art Business Developer Sean Kelley. In the first step of the competition, 20 students presented 3-D or sketched concepts for art that could be made from a 3’ X 3’ sheet of metal. A committee of seven, which included several Zahner employees who are KCAI alumni, interviewed students and chose 14 winning designs. The students work with Zahner engineers to ensure their design fits production capabilities. The final product sometimes looks different than the original vision, but it’s a collaborative effort between the artist and Zahner. “The Zahner competition gives me a chance to create work in a new way, and it is also an amazing opportunity for the future. I have many projects and read more…

April 26, 2022

Riot Games Creative Director’s gaming career launched at KCAI

Senior Managing Marketing Creative Director at Riot Games, Greg Killion (’06 Photography and New Media) has a gamer’s dream job. He’s responsible for the overall creative presentation for League of Legends: Wild Rift, Riot’s mobile strategy and action game that brings one of the world’s most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) titles, League of Legends, to mobile devices. The company he works for, Riot Games, has a fun, collaborative environment, plenty of perks, and is filled with people who share his passion for creating incredible gaming experiences.  His path to success started at KCAI. “You spend your first year at KCAI losing your bad habits, then you get into your major, and your education doesn’t end until you’re deep into your career. You’re always learning new things about yourself and how to use your abilities. You come out with a good foundation and the ability to do almost anything. That’s what is so magical about KCAI,” said Greg.  He learned a lot of things at KCAI that he uses every day, like writing and art history, but he credits one experience as being pivotal to his career — critiques. “Learning how to get up in front of a room read more…

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