McInerney's winning application showcased three remarkable exhibitions developed during her fall 2022 sabbatical. Each exhibition weaves elements of Greek mythology and Hellenistic cult practices to explore human agency within the context of contemporary climate conditions. Notably, her current exhibition "Trace Me Back" at Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art delves into themes of power, loss, and regret through the lens of Orpheus and Eurydice. The immersive experience invites viewers to contemplate the changing light and sound while navigating silk panels, symbolizing the ephemeral nature of existence amidst environmental challenges.

When asked about the inspiration behind her work, McInerney reflects on her daily surroundings, drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences, news, and literature. Her creative process is deeply intuitive, allowing influences to blend seamlessly during the hands-on making process.

Receiving the Stone & DeGuire Contemporary Art Award holds significant meaning for McInerney, as it acknowledges her dedication to her studio practice and artistic journey, particularly when bestowed by her alma mater.

Known for her multidisciplinary approach, McInerney's work often incorporates a diverse range of materials, selected for their experiential and visceral qualities. Material play is central to her process, with each material finding its place organically within her creations.

Collaboration emerges as a cornerstone of McInerney's practice, evident in her past involvement with various artist collectives and projects, including PLUG Projects and Independent Art Market. She emphasizes the parallels between material collaboration and interpersonal collaboration, recognizing the value each individual brings to the creative process. This approach has inspired multiple collaborations with fellow faculty since her start at KCAI.

McInerney's installations resonate with diverse audiences, locally and internationally, offering narrative entry points through mythology while addressing pressing societal and environmental issues.

Balancing teaching responsibilities with her artistic practice presents challenges, yet McInerney finds inspiration in the exchange of ideas and perspectives within the classroom. She emphasizes the importance of honesty and vulnerability in navigating creative struggles, both as an artist and educator.

Her installations, which engage with themes of human agency within ecological systems, aim to provoke introspection and thoughtful engagement with the world around us. Through storytelling and mythological references, McInerney encourages viewers to consider the consequences of their actions and the potential for positive change.

Looking ahead, McInerney plans to utilize the award to support her ongoing artistic endeavors, including the publication of exhibition catalogs and the acquisition of a reliable vehicle for transportation to residencies and exhibitions.

As McInerney continues to push the boundaries of contemporary art, audiences can anticipate upcoming projects, including site-responsive installations and participation in group exhibitions curated by esteemed colleagues.

Marie Bannerot McInerney's remarkable contributions to the arts community exemplify the spirit of innovation and creativity nurtured at KCAI, inspiring both students and fellow artists alike.

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