What makes this event a must-attend spectacle? Imagine witnessing illustration students embarking on a daring journey atop wacky vehicles crafted solely from cardboard and glue. Rail Day isn't just about observing; it's about immersing oneself in an artistic adventure, capturing unforgettable moments through the lens, and experiencing sheer creativity in motion.

Under the guidance of esteemed professors including Steve Mayse, John Ferry, and Frank Norfleet, students enrolled in Image and Form Exploration and Analytical Drawing Systems class unleash their ingenuity to construct these cardboard marvels. But here's the catch - these vehicles aren't merely for display. They're put to the ultimate test as students endeavor to navigate them down an impressive 80-foot long wooden rail.

The challenge isn't just about crafting visually captivating vehicles; it's about engineering resilience and functionality. Each creation must not only bear the weight of its rider but also propel forward with the assistance of a dedicated team, ensuring balance and momentum.

Past iterations of Rail Day have witnessed a plethora of imaginative designs, ranging from a towering red dragon to a whimsical Pac Man, and even a meticulously detailed lit cigarette.

So, can a KCAI illustration student transform humble cardboard and glue into a functional mode of transportation? The answer lies in attending the KCAI Rail Day, where creativity meets engineering, and artistic expression knows no bounds.