Internship Site Supervisor's Mid-term Evaluation

Dear Internship Supervisor,nPlease fill out this internship evaluation as completely as possible to help the faculty advisor assign the student a grade for the internship. This evaluation will be shared with your intern once the faculty advisor has given them a grade for the internship.
  • Dear Internship Supervisor,

    Please fill out this mid-term internship evaluation as completely as possible. This evaluation has been created to provide a progress report for the faculty advisors on the intern's work in your organization, and as a formal opportunity to give the student important feedback they may benefit from for the remainder of the semester.

    Please discuss this evaluation with the intern before submitting it. Thank you for your support of the KCAI internship program.

  • Please assign a numerical rating as well as adding comments, examples, and observations to clarify meaning.

    5: Superior Exceptionally high-quality work that exceeds expectations
    4: Above Average Consistently performs above the requirements of the position
    3: Average Performs all duties commensurate with the demands of the position
    2: Below Average Falls short of competency in one or more areas of responsibility
    1: Poor Has not fulfilled requirements or has done so very poorly
  • 5: Superior4: Above Average3: Average2: Below Average1: Poor
    Dependable and present during scheduled work times
    Takes and follow direction and follow through on tasks
    Has the ability to understand and learn new ideas and practices Has the ability to understand and learn new ideas and practices - 5 Superior
    Takes initiative and is self-motivated
    Professional in their manner and communication
    Meets deadlines
    Uses good judgment in relation to the job
    s receptive to instruction, supervision and criticism
    Rate from 5 to 1