On Watch Checklist

02/10/2012 - 03/31/2012

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Jananne Al-Ani
born Kirkuk, Iraq, 1966; lives in London
Shadow Sites I, 2010
digitized Super 16 mm film
Courtesy of the artist and Rose Issa Projects, London

Taysir Batniji
born Gaza, Palestine, 1966; lives in Paris
Watchtowers (West Bank), 2008
6 black and white photographs
50 centimeters by 40 centimeters each
Courtesy Galerie Sfeir-Semler, Beirut and Hamburg

Hasan Elahi
American, born Rangpur, Bangladesh, 1972; lives in College Park, MD
Calibration, 2011
7-channel video installation
Courtesy of the artist

Hasan Elahi
Concordance, 2011
multi-channel site-specific video installation
Courtesy of the artist

Mark Lombardi
American, 1951-2000
International Systems and Controls, Houston, c. 1955-1989, 1997
graphite on paper
24 inches by 54 inches
Courtesy of Douglas Drake and Elisabeth Kirsch

Mark Lombardi
Nugan Hand Bank Sydney-Hong Kong, c. 1973-80, 1995
graphite on paper
14 inches by 21 inches
Private collection

Mark Lombardi
Indian Springs St. Bank (double-sided, Southmark on back), c. 1994
ball point pen ink on paper
11 inches by 14 inches
Courtesy of Donald Lombardi and Pierogi, Brooklyn

Nicolas Provost
born Brussels, Belgium, 1969; lives in Brussels
Plot Point, 2007
video projection with sound
Courtesy of the artist

founded Kenya, 2007
Select Project Deployments, 2007-2011
Interactive application and touch-screen monitor
Special thanks to Patrick Meier, Caleb Bell, and David Overholt