New, Two: Kansas City Art Institute Faculty Checklist

09/18/2004 - 10/30/2004

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New, Two: Kansas City Art Institute Faculty Checklist

Laura Berman
(Intro)(Retro)Spection Project, 1992-2004
monotype, silkscreen, intaglio, relief, collagraph, and collage on paper

Rebecca Dolan
Flow, 2004
mdf, glass, Plexiglas, musk, thistle seeds, audio

Russell Ferguson
Untitled, 2004
woodcut on muslin with grommets

Andrea Flamini
The Way We Tell Stories (no place like home), 2003
film footage, sound, video, and oil on canvas
(3 tv monitors; 3 11 x 14 oil on canvas paintings; stands, dvd player; cd player; speakers)

Carolyn Kallenborn
Reduction 2004
metallic silk, dye, and thread

A. Brett Reif
Fried Landscapes, 2004
Batter, resin, and acrylic on canvas

A. Brett Reif
Chromoform I, from Group A, 2004
ceramic tile, stainless steel, and mixed media

DeAnna Skedel
Posse non peccare (able not to sin), 2004
paper maché, photograph on vinyl

Michael Wickerson
Standing Over, 2004
monel, pine, earth, yellow brass, hardware, and paste

Michael Wickerson
Facing, 2004
aluminum, hardware