Installation view

01/19/2001 - 02/28/2017
Installation view

The H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute hosts Pierogi Flatfiles, guest curated by Joe Amrhein in the main gallery of the Artspace, and Kansas City Flatfiles in the Project Room.

Pierogi 2000, a Brooklyn based gallery, is owned and operated by artist Joe Amrhein, who began the gallery in 1994.  Amrhein conceived of this artist-run space as an alternative venue in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn to support and show work by emerging artists not represented by commercial galleries. Since opening, the Pierogi collection has grown significantly and become increasingly recognized, now including the work of nearly 600 artists from New York and beyond.  An abridged selection of the Pierogi Flatfiles has traveled to London, Vienna, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and now to Kansas City.

A central component of the exhibition at the Artspace are three large Flatfile cabinets, each containing over 100 artist portfolios of works on paper, photography and mixed media. Viewers carefully peruse the work at their leisure. This unique and interactive process allows viewers to experience the art in an intimate way.

Augmenting the flat files was an installation in the gallery of over thirty works by Pierogi artists, selected and installed salon style by Joe Amrhein, Pierogi’s founding director.


Press Release

H&R Block Artspace Presents Pierogi Flatfiles in the Main Gallery,
and Kansas City Flatfiles in the Project Room
January 17, 2001
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