2014 Kansas City Flatfile and Digitalfile

06/07/2014 - 09/27/2014
2014 Kansas City Flatfile and Digitalfile

The 2014 Kansas City Flatfile an invitational biennial exhibition featuring two-dimensional artwork by over 170 Kansas City visual artists. Engaging in a unique and intimate viewing experience, visitors browse through artist portfolios featuring recent works.

The flatfile biennial has become a much-anticipated venue for the discovery and collection of work by artists both new and familiar.

In conjunction with the 2014 Kansas City Flatfile is Digitalfile, a group exhibition of time-based artwork by 19 Kansas City based artists. SPECTRA, a nomadic platform for contemporary time-based artwork, has curated the exhibition to present challenging and prescient time-based artwork reflecting the varied and dynamic practices of Kansas City artists.

Digitalfile presents new works of film, video, sound, and other time-based media to reflect the diverse practices of artists who are devoted to exploring the particularities of their specific medium or are, alternatively, working in a variety of forms including painting, sculpture, performance and, of course, the moving image and sound. The works in Digitalfile fully embraced the digital and virtual, reflecting deeply on how we experience, and are altered by, the digitization of our existence.

Digitalfile is organized into three five-week chapters, presenting approximately six artworks in the gallery at a time. The three chapters were as follows:

Chapter I (June 7 – July 8)

Francisco Alarcon, Jessica Borusky, Caitlin Horsmon, Juliana Lynn, Natalie Myers, Kati Toivanen

Chapter II (July 12 – August 20)

Lindsay Fernandez, Lea Griggs, Ben Harle, Elizabeth Howe, Christoph Steger, Annie Woodfill

Chapter III (August 23 – September 27)

Beverly Ahern, Maura Garcia, Diana Heise, Ritchie Kaye, J. Ashley Miller & Daniel Goggin, David Overholt

2014 Kansas City Flatfile Curators

June 7 – 26
  • Erin Dziedzic is Curator and Head of Adult Programs at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art.

June 27  – July 23

  • Heather Lustfeldt is Curator and Program Coordinator at the Epsten Gallery Foundation at Village Shalom.
  • Jodi Throckmorton is Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the Ulrich Museum at Wichita State University.

July 31 – August 26

  • April Watson is Curator, Photography at The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.
  • Melaney Ann Mitchell is a curator, visual artist, writer, and educator based in Kansas City
August 26  – September 27
  • Amanda McDonald Crowley is a cultural worker, curator, and facilitator who specializes in creating new media and contemporary art events and programs that encourage cross-disciplinary practice, collaboration and exchange.
  • Eric Dobbins is a Kansas City based artist, illustrator, designer and printmaker, currently in residence with The Charlotte Street Foundation.
  • A native Nebraskan, Lacey Wozny has worked at Grand Arts in various capacities since 2006, excepting 2011, when a Saturn Return led to a sojourn in the woods and a temporary position as officer of complexity at Mildred’s Lane in Beach Lake, PA. As an artist and community organizer.
  • Tiffany Thompson is the founder director of Thompson Art Services.


The Pitch

Personal Files
August 7, 2014
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Press Release

Digitalfile curated by SPECTRA, presents time-based artworks by KC artists, at the H&R Block Artspace
May 30, 2014
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