2004 Kansas City Flatfile

02/07/2004 - 04/03/2004
2004 Kansas City Flatfile

Originating in 2001 in conjunction with the Pierogi Flatfiles, the Kansas City Flatfile is an innovative exhibition presenting art work by emerging and established Kansas City artists. The 2004 Kansas City Flatfile features two-dimensional work in all media, including drawings, photography, and prints. The exhibition also includes time-based artwork on view in the gallery.

Visitors to the Artspace are invited to browse through individual artist portfolios, located within a flatfile cabinet, or to select video works to screen, engaging in a unique and personal viewing experience. This rare and exciting opportunity introduces a wide range of new work by many of Kansas City’s best visual artists.

In addition to the flatfile, artworks are selected and installed throughout the gallery in salon wall installations by guest curators and Artspace staff.

The 2004 Kansas City Flatfile features work by 130 artists including Tedd Aguirre-Lagandre, Pat Alexander, Leroy Allen, Barry Anderson, Cortney Andrews, Forrest Bailey, Miki Baird, Cecilia Bakker, Christopher Bell, Laura Berman, James Brinsfield, Tim Brown, Steven Bushman, Marcus Cain, Callyann Casteel, Bill Cave, Nicole Cawlfield, Michael Converse, Cody Critcheloe, Lauren DeLand, Peter Demos, Luckie Devi-Dasi, Deanna Dikeman, Henry W. Dixon, Rebecca Dolan, John Dretzka, egawa + zybrk, El Dorado, Ryan Fenchel, John Ferry, David Ford, Nate Fors, Sue Friesz, Anne Gagel, Daven Gee, Corey Goering, Shea Gordon, Elijah Gowin, Carol Granger, Tom Gregg, Eric Grimes, Kim Hallisey, Adrian Halpern, Rachel Hayes, Martha S. Heimbaugh, Diane Henk, Adam Hinterling, Peregrine Honig, Wm. Howell, Amanda Jennings, Seth Johnson, Leeah Joo, Terry Juarez, Johanna Keefe, Bernal Koehrsen, Michael Krueger, Ke Sook Lee, Christopher Leitch, Beniah Leuschke, Anne Lindberg, Cara Long, Susi Lulaki, Lynn Manos , Amalia Mariño, Adolfo Gustavo Martinez , Richard Mattsson, Larry McAnany, Karen McCoy, Hesse McGraw, Oz McGuire, Brendan Meara, Karyssa Miller, MK12, Jess Moffitt, Dylan Mortimer, Ted Nathanson, Johnny Naugahyde, Karen Owsley Nease, Miles Neidinger, Wilbur Niewald, Jordan Nickel, Garry Noland, Jill Noone, Jay Norton, John Ochs, Jared Panick, Clint Paugh, Anne Pearce, Jonathan Peck, Derek Porter, Jennifer D. Poueymirou, Jane Pronko, James Reittinger, Happy Rice, Jesse Ring, Eric Robertson, Donald Ross “Scribe”, Judi Ross, Warren Rosser, Yvonne Rosser, Jim Sajovic, Eric Sall, Ross Sawyers, Michael Schonhoff, Emil Schutzel, Douglas Schwietert, Sean Semones, Mike Sinclair, Joseph L. Smith, Stephanie Smith, Mark Stevenson, Bridget Stewart, STRETCH, Gary Sutton, Kati Toivanen, James Trotter, May Tveit, Jane Voorhees, Michael Walling, Cara Walz, Jaimie Warren, Davin Watne, Andrew Wells, Mary Wessel, Susan White, Neal Wilson, Allan Winkler, Jim Woodfill, Lynus Young, and Miranda Young.

For generous support of the 2003-2004 exhibition series at the Artspace, the Kansas City Art Institute gratefully acknowledges the Missouri Arts Council, a state agency, and the H&R Block Foundation.


Kansas City Star

File it under ‘vibrant’
March 26, 2004
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The Pitch

All Together Now
March 11, 2003
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Open & Openings: 2004 Kansas City Flatfile
March 1, 2004
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Press Release

The H&R Block Artspace at KCAI is pleased to announce the
opening of the exhibition 2004 Kansas City Flatfile
January 29, 2004
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