1999 Charlotte Street Fund Exhibition Checklist

01/14/2000 - 02/26/2000

Nate Fors

slim-jims, 1999

fabric, enamel, glue, feather boa, wood

slimpsy, 1999
plastic trellis, vinyl fabric

toupee, 1999
enamel, rubber


enamel, wood, hinges

up holster, 1999

enamel, fabric, plastic

Uncle Wiggley, 1999
enamel, vibrator

Ke-Sook Lee

The Pillowcase Story, 

ink, clay, gesso, thread, rice paper, cotton

Flower Garden 002, 1999

ink, clay, gesso, and thread on rice paper

Petroglyph, 1999

ink, clay, polymer, gesso, glitter, and thread on rice paper

Garden Flowers, 1999

ink, clay, colored pencil, gesso, polymer, glitter, thread on rice paper

Torso, 1998


Michael Rees

Artificial Sculpture V.2.0, 1999
paint on plastic, computer, software

Special thanks to: Eric Roberts, Ben Estes, Chris Burnett, IBM Corporation, and the National Endowment for the Arts

Michael Sinclair

Fireworks #1: Fourth of July, Independence, Missouri, 1997

Lunch Hour: Bryant Park, New York, New York, 1999


Cattleshow, Missouri State Fair, Sedalia, Missouri, 1985


Steak Sandwich Stand, Iowa State FairDes Moines, Iowa, 1999


Bridget Stewart

Evidence: Sierra Leone, 

mixed media on muslin

Evidence: Kosovo, 1999

mixed media on muslin

Evidence: Bosnia, 1999

mixed media on muslin

Wilbur Niewald

Rocks and Trees,
oil on masonite

Swope Park III, 1961                                                         
oil on canvas

Collection of Hallmark Fine Arts, Hallmark Cards, Inc.

L’Harmas, 1973

oil on canvas

Rocks at Greystone Heights I, 1999

oil on canvas

Still Life with Apples and Grey Pitcher, 1999

oil on canvas

Still Life with Onions and Mason Jar, 1999

oil on canvas

Heather, 1999

oil on canvas

Self-Portrait with Red Scarf, 1998
oil on canvas