Hybrid Hardiness

The work created this semester in sculpture was analog and digital, socially engaged and introspective, artisanal and high-tech, solitary and collaborative, virtual and physical, conceptual and functional, remote and in-person. Our sculpture students answered the upheavals of this year with robust, vital creative practices. They cast, cut, coded, filmed, stitched, and welded. They ground themselves in the work with vision, energy, and resilience.

Getting into the studio with masks on, doors and windows open, and plenty of plein-air workspace available on the north pad, faculty, students and virtual guest critics swiftly picked up the familiar fertile dialogue and plunged back into art-making with great success. Thanks to our 800 square-foot critique space and its  23-foot ceilings and open doors, we had plenty of room for valuable in-person crits while safely social-distanced. All in all, we were incredibly lucky — spacious, well-ventilated workspaces, supportive faculty and staff, and, most of all, a hardy and adaptive student body who came through with flying colors in this extraordinary semester. So long 2020 — here’s to 2021!

Peter Chao


Ruby Denton


Ryan Haney


Max Paul

Instagram: @maximiliv

Daniel Rawlings


Kenley Turner


Junior Gallery

Juniors developed their independent practice through the creation of three independently driven art projects paired with three optional workshops: digital sculpture, iron casting furnace building, and hot metal casting in bronze and aluminum.

Sophomore Gallery

In the Sophomore Material and Process course, students explored performance and time-based media, experimental/non-traditional materials, surface treatments, mold-making, and cold-casting.

The Sophomore Studio Major has been geared towards “traditional” sculptural material research and comprehension. It focuses on welding, heat and cold forming steel, cement casting, woodworking, exploring the principles of gravity, plumb, and level. Technical approaches and techniques have been covered so students can approach building in fabrication methods and/or intuitive freeform making.