Painting Department Fall 2020 Virtual Exhibition

This fall’s end of semester exhibition represents students throughout the department with work that embodies our commitment to a diversity of ideas, materials, and subjects. It also represents the dedication of our students to develop, maintain and command their studio practice with agility and community.

Senior Studio

This gallery showcases works that command the students’ personal visual language while ambitiously asking further questions. The works presented gracefully occupy zones of refinement and experimentation, key ingredients to a rigorous independent studio practice.

Junior Studio

This gallery presents works that reveal the broad experimentation that happens as students continue to develop their unique voices as artists and work to expand their material and conceptual boundaries.

Sophomore Studio

This gallery offers a glimpse of the student work from our two sophomore studios. This work represents the students’ use of painting methodologies as a metaphor to explore their own personal visual language. Their experiments in material and content will inform their development throughout their time in the Painting department.