Locked Down / Fired Up

Artists have been using ceramic materials to express themselves for thousands of years, through all kinds of calamities and catastrophes. Our students carried on that tradition this semester, wearing masks and keeping safe distances in the studio, while sometimes also interacting with the faculty via digital devices. The clay got sculpted, thrown, or cast, then glazed and fired, and the art emerged from the kilns. Artists respond to their surroundings, year in, and year out. We hope you enjoy the efforts from this semester, a semester like no other!

Sophomore Gallery

The fall semester emphasizes figurative sculpture with a focus on the self-portrait. Constructing methods of solid forming, coil and slab construction, and press molding are introduced; representation of the human form and the conceptual potential of the figure are primary considerations. Low-fire glazes and a variety of surface treatments are applied in multiple firings. Four major projects are presented in this gallery: the self-portrait, a figure sculpture series, press-molded figurines, and two brick projects.

Junior Gallery

In the junior fall semester, students focus on individual research that supports their interests. They use this research as a guide to develop their ideas while expanding their technical skills. There is a focus on specialized, personal, and creative investigations of material, process, form, and surface. This gallery is comprised of students in the sculpture and vessel curricula.

Senior Gallery

Ceramics department seniors pursue and evolve a thesis, advanced within the parameters of making, risk-taking, research, critiques, and writing. During the fall semester, each senior contextualizes a piece or pieces of thesis work in relation to a locale outside of the ceramics building, with the intent of enriching the works’ perception. This is known as the elsewhere project. Examples of seniors’ thesis and elsewhere projects are on view throughout this gallery.