MakeShift Press

This exhibition represents the challenges artists face in our current time and mindset. Printmaking students learned to adapt and make work without the physical peer-support and critical, yet personal, closeness we all long for. Making images at home using DIY tools and makeshift strategies are more relevant than ever. The domestic realm at first represented a hurdle, but later on, it provided a vast range of opportunities to reflect on one’s worth and appreciate the beauty of daily life confinement. The printmaking language gives students a structure to analyze, plan, try, execute, analyze, and perhaps, repeat the process over again. Most images in print stem from the basic idea of a matrix and a substrate, however, what makes these pieces relevant and a reflection of the spring semester of 2020 is the fact that they celebrate the challenges of the creative process more than the actual results. We have learned to make art in the best and in the no-so-bright times and come up with strong and beautiful work to share with you. Let these works be a celebration of what makes us human and supportive of one another.

Senior Printmaking

Makeshift: Senior Class
Instructor: Laura Berman
Students: Coral Rose and Genesis Koussiafes

Junior Printmaking

Makeshift: Junior Class
Instructors: Laura Berman, Ruben Castillo and Miguel Rivera
Students: Haley Bray, Julianne Diemer, Nathan Lewis, Holly Nowak, Lauren Stevens, Liv Young, Haley Sharbono and Dawson Bradley

Sophomore Printmaking

Makeshift: Sophomore Class
Instructors: Aaron Ships, Kevin Townsend and Miguel Rivera
Students: Lizzy Zirkel, Jo Archuleta, Darby Carlin, Marlie Escoto and Zoe Mayne