Present - Fiber Spring 2020 End of Semester Exhibition

Fiber processes depend on the collective actions of individuals—two sets of hands more easily warp a loom, multiple hands speed up prepping fleeces and paper pulp, and many hands can tend and share an indigo vat. 

The global pandemic has affected each of us uniquely, but as makers, it has redefined how we approach our work and how we support our Fiber community. Both the challenge and the gift of sheltering-in-place, has been the emphasis on the present, the only moment we have the power to change and fully experience. 

Although we cannot physically be together, our community continues to be vibrant by showing up and sharing what is most important to us.

Please enjoy the galleries we’ve put together that celebrate works made in the present moment.

Present: Fiber Senior Class

INSTRUCTOR: Marie Bannerot McInerney, Associate Professor
STUDENTS: Vanessa Yaremy Argueta, Erin Barchet, Morgan Elliott, Amelia Greteman, Lueking Knabe, Hannah Lee Sun, Lily Mueller, Harper Newell, Paulina Otero, Jonah Rose, Penelope Stopper

The Fiber department senior year focuses on the development of a self-directed studio practice and body of work grounded in a personal visual language.

Present: Fiber Junior Class

INSTRUCTOR: Kim Eichler-Messmer, Associate Professor
STUDENTS: Obinna Chikeluba, Kate Fromm, Adana Garrote, Jordan Geiger, Olivia Haston, Camtu Nguyen, Adrian Manzo, Els Overtoom, Marley Polka, Gabriella Poulos, and Rachel Tucker

The Fiber junior year focuses on advanced processes in construction and surface design with an increased emphasis on developing a student’s personal visual language.

Present: Fiber Sophomore Class

INSTRUCTOR: Pauline Verbeek-Cowart, Professor and Chair
STUDENTS: Bri Cooper, Nathan Ford, Eric Frank, Charles Swavy, Hung Le, Eva Llarena, Emily Mooney, Jamie Novak, Giselle Reyes, Ellen Saracini, Christopher Velez, Nan Watson, Clare Whyte, Larkin Winters, and Alayna Wyatt

In Textile Construction: Weaving, students are introduced to various approaches in constructed textiles related to woven form.

Present: Fiber Elective Showcase

INSTRUCTORS: Marie Bannerot McInerney (Fiber to Form), Kim Eichler-Messmer (Natural Dye), Maria Behnen (Sewn Construction)
STUDENTS:Vanessa Yaremy Argueta, Erin Barchet, Lisa Bjornstad, Jamie Novak, Carolina Cuevas, Jolea Dillon, Nathan Ford, Eric Frank, Kate Fromm, Adana Garrote, Jordan Geiger, Olivia Haston, Frank Huerter, Morgan Leady, Adrian Manzo, Nicole McLaughlin, Giselle Reyes, Simaran Singh, Sydney Anne Smith, Warren VanRyzin, Christopher Velez

This gallery features a variety of work from this semester’s Fiber Elective Classes—Fiber to Form, Natural Dye, and Sewn Construction.

In Fiber to Form, students examine various methods of working with protein and cellulose fi­bers to create two and three-dimensional surfaces and structures in felt and paper.

Students in the Natural Dye elective learn a variety of methods for dyeing with plants and insects, including locally grown and foraged options, while also exploring the history and cultural relevance of these ancient processes.

Basic Sewn Construction is a technical course in which students form a foundation of sewing and construction techniques related to garments and sewn objects.