FIELDING - KCAI Ceramics Department Virtual Spring Exhibition 2020

In March of this year, the COVID-19 virus smashed a bad-hop grounder and the Ceramics department students fielded it cleanly. Welcome to Fielding, the 2020 spring exhibition.

Unable to enter the Ceramics building, students found innovative ways to supplement their ceramics practice with other materials such as textiles, papier-mache, and foam core, to name a few. On exhibit in this virtual exhibition are works made with these materials, as well as works-in-progress and completed pieces of ceramics, paintings, drawings, collages, and digital renderings.


Presentation and Exhibition: Senior Ceramics

Senior Ceramics majors establish a direction for a series of thesis works, exploring visual and conceptual issues evolved from their research into art and artists, materials and processes, and individual sources of interest. Sustaining an idea within the context of risk-taking and experimentation is the challenge in this self-directed course of study. Seniors pursue studio activities in dialogue with faculty advisors and through discussions with their fellow classmates and visiting critics, arriving at the end of the semester with a group of works to present in the ceramics department senior exhibition and the BFA show.

Moving off campus unexpectedly in mid-March, seniors confronted unexpected problems to solve, with the challenge of translating their thesis ideas into the available spaces and materials at hand – not always clay. Presented in the following galleries are images that are the evidence of their adept and creative approach to these challenges.

Adrian Fieber

Adrian Fieber Artist Statement

Instagram: adrianfieber

Elinore Noyes

Elinore Noyes Artist Statement
instagram: enoyes_

Hannah Scarbrough
Instagram: hannah_art1211

Hunter Saxton

Hunter Saxton Artist Statement

Isaac Lee

Isaac Lee Artist Statement

instagram: @daebak_turtle

Jada Patterson

Jada Patterson Artist Statement

Jason Wang

Jason Wang Artist Statement

Instagram: jason_art_wang

Jinblossom Plati

Jinblossom Plati Artist Statement

Kaleb Segelquist

Kaleb Segelquist Artist Statement

Luke Turner

Mirose Song

Mirose Song Artist Statement
Instagram: @songsongrose

Nicole McLaughlin

Nicole Mclaughlin Artist Statement

Syndey Clark

Sydney Clark Artist Statement

Warren VanRyzin

Warren VanRyzin Artist Statement

Personalized Practice and Production: Junior Ceramics II

In the second semester of the junior year, students develop a personalized approach to their practice by investigating new materials, methods, and concepts related to personal interests. They pursue a more individualized direction with their work while learning to develop their ideas and refine techniques in relation to the vessel or sculpture.

This gallery contains images of work made during the second half of the semester. Due to the challenge of working remotely, without facilities, some students continued to pursue their ideas in different media, through different processes while others continued working in clay from home. The images in these galleries contain works in progress and ideas and sketches for future works.