Employers and Internship Hosts

Why Hire KCAI Students?

Because our students and graduates are uniquely prepared for the growing need for creative thinkers. They are powered by curiosity, constantly asking “why?” or “why not?” We train students to be creators, doers, and thinkers; self-starters and diligent workers so that they’re prepared to take on new challenges in a variety of industries. 



The Portal

Interested in connecting with KCAI students and alumni for job and internship opportunities? Sign up for a free account through the Professional Practice Center Portal powered by 12Twenty.

Submit these opportunities via The Portal:

Career opportunities
Share career opportunities with the KCAI community, including students and alumni.

Internship Opportunities
Hire interns for your business. KCAI encourages student internships for academic and professional development and students may earn academic credit.

Volunteer Opportunities
Offer volunteer work opportunities to students.

Requests for Commissions and Freelance Opportunities
Hire KCAI students or alumni for creative projects.


Other Partnership Opportunities

We are committed to working with community organizations and businesses in ways that will provide relevant work experience to our students and create beneficial products and designs for our partners. Beyond job and internship opportunities there are other ways to partner with KCAI. The committee will carefully review all submissions for the following criteria:

  • Aligns with the college’s mission
  • Connects appropriately to curriculum
  • Fulfills a need of the college
  • Offers a worthwhile experience for students
  • Generates revenue for the students and/or college
  • Does not involve the selling of products and materials on this site
  • Adequate staff and faculty are available to support the request
  • Sufficient time is allowed to fulfill the request as it may take up to 3 weeks to receive a follow-up
  • KCAI does not rent our facilities for outside events.
  • If your request meets these requirements please complete the partnership form. Please note that KCAI receives many requests each year and, unfortunately, we cannot participate in them all.

Submit these opportunities via The PARTNERSHIP FORM:

Sponsored Studio
KCAI offers businesses the opportunity to partner with us to create educational experiences in the classroom for the benefit of a business’s research and development goals. By participating in a Sponsored Studio, your company will be recognized as an official KCAI sponsor and will gain a unique creative perspective on your business challenge. For additional information contact sponsoredstudio@kcai.edu or call 816-802-3527.

Artist Opportunities
Exhibit student work in your place of business or get your call to artists in front of our students and alumni. KCAI promotes local, national, and international calls for artists, requests for proposals, residencies, grants, and fellowships.

KCAI accepts both monetary support and in-kind donations of materials and equipment.

Partnership Form