Opportunities List

Knock opportunity out of the park

Why wait for opportunity to knock? AACS makes it easy for you to create your own opportunities. We publish a list with creative opportunities and job and career opportunities that include full-time and part-time employment, freelance, and volunteer opportunities* all for students and alumni.

Access the current Opportunities List.


* Please note that the Kansas City Art Institute Office of Academic Advising and Career Services frequently receives unsolicited employment and volunteer opportunities and posts those that might be of interest to students and alumni in the Opportunities List. The AACS in no way can or does investigate the character or reliability of the listing employers. We thus strongly encourage applicants to screen potential employers and the opportunities listed carefully with the understanding that it is the applicant and not Kansas City Art Institute that is responsible for disputes of any kind with the listing employers. Questions should be addressed to the AACS.

Posting in the opportunities list

If you have an employment or volunteer opportunity you would like posted in the KCAI Opportunities List, complete the opportunities list submission form. All listings will be subject to approval by AACS staff.