Professional Resources

Professional Resources

The Office of Alumni Relations continually evaluates how we can best support you, our diverse alumni community. Based on your feedback, we understand that many of you would like ongoing personal and professional development. We hope this resource library will help spark ideas and provide guidance.

We welcome your feedback! Let us know what you would like to see added to this library. Please reach out with suggestions for other topics or resources.

Office of Alumni Relations

Alumni Resource Library


Identify opportunities, strategize, + maximize reach and potential.

Business Development



Event Organization

Excel Spreadsheets

Identifying Transferable Skills



Professional Development

Personal Development

Find help with finances, health insurance and work-life balance.

Personal Finance

Personal Health + Health Insurance

Work-Life Balance

Art and Artist-Centered Resources in KC

Discover local advocates of artists and the arts.

Professional Practice

Peruse these resources tailored to studio artists.

Contract Writing

Find a Residency

Find a Residency affiliated with KCAI Alumni

Find a Studio Space in Kansas City

Gallery + Museum Introductions

Grant + Application Writing

Professional Practice

Taxes for Artists

Trends in Studio Practice

KCAI Alumni Connection

The KCAI Alumni Community is a worldwide network over 9,000 members strong. To better support our alums in their post-graduate careers, our official KCAI Alumni group on LinkedIn encourages all members to share opportunities for jobs, internships, grants, residencies, conferences, and artist opportunities. Members can post industry resources, tools, and news too. As a community, we can collectively enhance the ongoing professional development of our alumni, connect with one another, and remain connected to KCAI.