Transferring Credit FAQs

What documentation is required to transfer credit as a new student to KCAI?

All students requesting transfer credit must submit official transcript(s) from all colleges attended.

How is it determined at what level a transfer student will enter KCAI?

Placement is determined by the total number of transferable studio credits and by the level of competence as indicated by the portfolio submitted for admission.

What courses will transfer?

KCAI will consider liberal arts and/or studio courses taken with a grade of “C” or better at other accredited institutions that meet KCAI’s requirements. Institutions must be accredited by any of the regional accrediting associations or by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.

How is it determined how much transfer credit a student will receive?

Approximately 1-2 weeks after accepance to KCAI, the transfer student receives an evaluation by the Office of Admissions of the transferable credits completed at a previous college(s).

How does KCAI convert a transfer student’s quarter hours to semester hours?

Credits at KCAI are semester hours. A student coming from a college or university on the quarter system will receive two-thirds of a semester hour for every quarter hour.

Credit Conversions – Quarter = Semester credits

  • 3 Quarter = 2 Semester credits
  • 4 Quarter = 2 2/3 Semester credits
  • 5 Quarter = 3 1/3 Semester credits
  • 6 Quarter = 4 Semester credits

Will transferred courses be figured as part of a student’s cumulative grade point average?

Grades for transferred credit will not be calculated into the KCAI cumulative grade point average, with the exception of mobility and KCASE exchange course grades, which are included in the GPA.

Transfer Credit Guide

Please see link below for a detailed guideline regarding KCAI’s transfer credit policy. Students are encouraged to contact to meet with a transfer specialist to review potential transfer credits prior to applying.


AP + IB Transfer Credits

Students who earn AP/IB credit during high school may apply the credits to KCAI degree requirements within the guidelines indicated above in the Transfer Credit Guide. KCAI must have the official AP/IB transcript before transfer credit can be granted.

Articulation and Transfer Agreements

KCAI has articulation and transfer agreements with many community colleges around the country. Please see links below for more detailed information.





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Metropolitan CC – Kansas City 2016

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