Campus Construction

Campus Construction

We are excited to share with you the construction projects that are happening this year on campus! This summer construction crews began extensive improvement efforts to Vanderslice Hall and the Irving Courtyard. Here’s a snapshot of what’s happening:

Vanderslice Hall Terrace and Reception Room Renewal

Work on the renewal of the Vanderslice south terrace, named in honor of Mildred Lane Kemper and the Vanderslice Reception Room has begun and is scheduled to be completed this fall.

  • Historically, the south terrace had a long and wide retractable canvas canopy/awning to provide shade, plus large planters, electric lanterns, and a very different paved surface. This visual record is guiding the renewal work by GastingerWalker& architects.
  • A new, smartly designed handicapped accessible ramp will be added on the east side of the terrace and will provide a pathway to both the terrace and Reception Room.
  • The Vanderslice Reception Room will get a facelift and be restored to its original grandeur courtesy of a gift from the Dickinson Family Foundation! New hardwood floors plus the current windows will be replaced with french doors to provide easy flow between the Vanderslice Reception Room and the terrace.
  • With the addition of a pocket door divider, the Vanderslice Reception Room can provide two meeting rooms or open up for larger gatherings. The rooms will include audio-visual equipment, flexible furniture, and two separate entrances from the Vanderslice hallway.

Vanderslice Terrace Renderings

Terrace with covered, retractable awning

Handicap Accessible Ramp

Newly Paved Surface

Irving Building Addition of Studio Space

The Irving Building courtyard will be filled to create approximately 4,000 square feet of additional studio space for Animation and Graphic Design.


Irving Building Renderings

Floor Plan

Inside Detail

Inside Detail