November 18, 2020

KCAI Annual Fund

This year, we have all been tested as individuals and communities. Since March, students and faculty at KCAI have faced extraordinary circumstances, big and small, and they have responded with perseverance and grace. These times demonstrate the many ways in which our stories and experiences are deeply interconnected; and show us the power that art and design has to lift us up when we need it most.

Not surprisingly, the KCAI community found creative ways to stay connected and make art: our students turned home bathrooms into darkrooms, shifted apartments into film studios and made sculpture from natural objects in city parks. These expressions are at the very heart of KCAI. Our students solve problems. They inspire. And as artists and designers, they build a world beyond what others think is possible.

We welcomed nearly 700 students to campus this fall. Through a hybrid model, we are able to provide face-to-face instruction with in-person studio access and virtual Art History and Liberal Arts courses. The college is committed to helping students successfully navigate the complexities of the pandemic while balancing their education. But we need your help.

KCAI Fund continue to provide scholarships that make an art education more affordable, and possible, for many of our students. This year, your donation will also be used to keep the studios open for all majors. Tuition does not cover the additional expenses needed for special equipment, such as air filtration units, to maintain a safe campus or the resources, like a nurse practioner, required to ensure a healthy community. Providing a safe, relevant, in-person education is how we find the most talented students from across the country and welcome them home at KCAI.

In this extraordinary year, there will be multiple requests for your resources. As you consider your charitable giving, we ask that you join us to help support our students and the work KCAI is doing to imagine what the world has yet to see.

November 23, 2020

Graphic Design Alumna creates Biden campaign branding

Aimee Brodbeck (’08 Graphic Design)  Social impact work has always been important to Graphic Design Alumna Aimee Brodbeck, so when she got the chance to lead the design for the Biden campaign, she jumped on it. She volunteered her time and designed the iconic, patriotic red, white, and blue logo. And, she didn’t stop there. She created a complete marketing suite of SWAG, GIFs, yard signs, emails, and other materials that helped to position Biden for the win. The brand was used by the campaign from April 2019 until Kamala Harris joined the ticket in September. How did you get involved with the Biden campaign? I was working for the ad agency Mekanism, and I received a text from Tom Lyons during a meeting asking me, “how do you feel about politics?” The opportunity came through the agency’s relationship with Creative Alliance, a foundation that donates creative efforts to social impact work. They previously worked on the It’s On Us campaign, an Obama-Biden initiative that raised awareness and fought against sexual assault on college campuses for both men and women.  Tell me a little about the design strategy behind this project. The strategy for the brand was simple – how read more…

November 23, 2020

Faculty, students and staff work together on important initiatives

The newly-formed KCAI IDEAS Council, made up of a broad cross-section of faculty, staff, and students, is set to address the critical issues of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, and Sustainability across all facets of the Institution. Last Winter, the faculty Diversity Working Group (DWG) created a wide-ranging set of recommendations for the Institute which included the formation of an IDEAS Council as a way to formalize engagement and collaboration across all campus constituencies. Shortly thereafter, and in the wake of nationwide unrest over police killings and systemic racism, the KCAI Student Solidarity Network and Black Student Union issued a list of demands on KCAI, calling for systemic change and reform of policies and practices that perpetuate racism, anti-black, and colonial systems within our Institution.  From this series of events, the IDEAS Council began to take shape in the fall of 2020, adding members, clarifying its duties and processes, and beginning to meet regularly. In the spirit of transparency and campus-wide communication, the Council would like to share its collective vision and mission. In striving for a better KCAI for all, the Council warmly welcomes any feedback and ideas related to inclusion, diversity, equity, access, and sustainability: IDEAS Council Vision read more…