May 27, 2020

End of Semester Exhibition Goes Virtual

Artwork by Nicole McLaughlin (’20 Ceramics)

The End of Semester (EOS) Exhibition and Sale is always a celebration as people flock to thirteen exhibitions on campus to view and buy original art made by KCAI students. Due to the pandemic, we cancelled the in-person event, but moved the exhibition online for a bigger celebration. When the 2020 End of Semester Virtual Exhibition opened Memorial Day weekend, it drew over 5,000 visitors from places all around the world, including Germany, Spain, South Korea, and Japan and all 50 states. 

Hundreds of people signed an online guest book and were awed by the student’s work. “You are so incredibly creative, individual, and unafraid to express yourselves with the power of color, texture, and individual pure ideas. Hang on to your years at KCAI because you will remember them as the best years of your life when you came out and found out who you are!!!! Wonderful show!!” said Kate Morreale (’70 Ceramics).

Moving the EOS show from campus to online required collaboration between faculty, staff, and students and involved photographing hundreds of pieces of art, gathering documentation and artist statements, and hours (and hours!) of entering data into online galleries. Despite the challenges, this year more than ever, it was important to put together an exhibition that reflected the perseverance of our students and showcased work made both on campus and in makeshift studios in basements, parks and apartments. 

“This year’s final exhibition represents students with work that embodies our commitment to a diversity of ideas, materials, and subjects. It also represents the resilience of our students as they confronted the dramatic conditions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, by picking up and re-inventing their studio practice,” said Jim Woodfill, Chair and Professor of Painting. 

The grit and determination shown by our students during these challenging times caught the attention of many exhibition goers including Amy Kligman, Executive/Artistic Director of the Charlotte Street Foundation. “Best wishes to all of the 2020 graduates, and all of the KCAI-ers for making it through all the twists and turns of this moment. Thank you for putting your work out there, and for being patient with yourselves as you survive, adapt, and find ways to thrive again, “ she said. 

The 2020 KCAI EOS Exhibition will be on view until the end of June.

July 9, 2020

Lead Bank’s Lead Emerging Artist Prize Celebrates Diverse Talents 

Artwork Corn, OK by Stella Bonafazi (Junior, Photography) Lead Bank recently awarded the 2020-2021 Lead Emerging Artist Prize (LEAP) to the following four KCAI art students: Ryan Haney (Senior, Sculpture) of Miami, FL; Stella Bonafazi (Junior, Photography) of Tulsa, OK; London Williams (Senior, Painting) of Milwaukee, WI; and Hung Le (Junior, Fiber) of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Longtime supporters of KCAI and its Sponsored Studio Program, Lead Bank created the Lead Bank Emerging Artist Prize in 2018 as a benefit to the community. Recognizing the diverse talents each student holds, from imaginative sculpting and captivating photography to the exploration of mainstream topics through fabric, each student has shown his or her expertise through hands-on expression. Their work can be viewed on the following webpage:  Each year, Lead Bank features the recipient’s artwork on the Bank’s Community Art Panels located in their Crossroads branch parking lot. These panels were constructed specifically for the community to enjoy the artists’ works throughout the year. The four Emerging Artists’ artwork will be featured as a 2D mural on the Community Art Wall located at the Crossroads bank location (1801 Main Street) with the original artwork displayed inside the bank lobby.  “We are thrilled to welcome read more…

June 1, 2020

KCAI: We Stand Against Racism

KCAI utterly condemns the ongoing racist treatment of Black Americans that has resulted in the recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, and in the continued murders, harassment, and prejudice that our Black community members face on a daily basis.