February 21, 2020

Visiting Artists Engage Students and Community

On a chilly February morning in the Graphic Design department, Renda Morton, Design Manager at Dropbox and the Joyce C. Hall Distinguished Professor of Design, worked with a team of students to talk about an app they’re developing to help people find a therapist. She listened to their ideas, gave them input and presented them with new deadlines — have the prototype built in thirty days. 

This was Morton’s third of four visits to Graphic Design this academic year. When she’s not on campus, she stays in touch with students from her offices in San Francisco where she manages a group of designers working on digital product design. She gets to know the students, shares her professional opinions and exposes them to a different perspective than they receive in the classroom.

“Having professional designers visit our department is crucial to widening the students’ scope of understanding and influence. They bring their industry expertise and experience, their critical eye, and their specific viewpoint on design practice in a way that greatly complements what the full-time faculty bring,” said Tyler Galloway, Chair of Graphic Design.

Morton is one of the notable visiting artists, designers and writers who will be on campus this spring to present public lectures and engage with students. These presentations by a diverse group of creatives inform and celebrate relevant topics and practices in contemporary art and culture. They also directly connect with students through a series of classroom conversations and critiques.

 Bringing artists to campus provides opportunities for students and the community to be exposed to fresh perspectives and new ideas. Below is a sneak peek at two of the artists speaking this spring. 

Sonya Clark  – Monumental Cloth, The Flag We Should Know 
Thursday, March 5 at H&R Block Artspace
What if a dishcloth, the Flag of Truce, used by the Confederate Army to surrender, became the symbol of the Civil War instead of the divisive Confederate flag? Textile and social practice artist Sonya Clark explores the symbolic power of this humble piece of cloth and a historical role reversal at the Hoffman Visiting Artist lecture on March 5. 

Daniel Eatock – Talking in Circles
Thursday, March 12
Spend an hour with witty artist and disrupter Daniel Eatock at Talking in Circles where he’ll narrate insights to 360 images arranged around the circumference of a circle starting and ending at the top. Eatock’s fascination with the circle is evident in much of his work. His practice not only rounds the circle but reinvents and questions the very premise of what a circle might be.

Each lecture will take place at 7 p.m. in Epperson Auditorium on the KCAI campus at 4415 Warwick unless otherwise noted. Tickets are not required and all events are free and open to the public. For detailed information on each of the artists presenting this spring at KCAI, visit https://kcai.edu/campus-life/publicprograms/.

April 7, 2020

Art School in the time of COVID-19: Support + Resilience + Community

April 7, 2020 How quickly life changed in a matter of weeks. We went from mid-term critiques to addressing a global pandemic by taking our curriculum virtual. Thanks to our dedicated faculty, KCAI is fostering a new way of learning, researching and making. As a school of art and design, we are a community full of innovators and creative problem solvers. That is how we intend to approach the exceptional situation that we find ourselves in.  Beginning last week, students and faculty are meeting through video conferencing, discussion boards, and conference calls – one-on-one and in groups. As this new way of living and learning unfolds, we will share the inspiring stories of creativity and resilience within our community. How has our faculty adapted studio-based classes to on-line teaching? What kinds of studio practices have students built at home? What does it mean to be an art student in the time of COVID-19? In the coming weeks, we will share with you stories of adaptation and perseverance. And someday (hopefully soon) we will recall how KCAI– its students, faculty and staff– was resilient in a time of turmoil.  Be well, Tony Jones ᴄʙᴇ The Nerman Family President

April 2, 2020

New KCAI Cares Fund Provides Student Relief

A Message From The Nerman Family President Tony Jones In the past month, we have adapted daily life to an entirely new version of “normal” and done things we never thought possible. We are in this together, yet each of us has experienced this pandemic in very personal ways. Several KCAI students have lost their employment during this time and many families are experiencing hardship. In this time of uncertainty, it’s comforting to know that KCAI is part of a supportive and generous community. For those who have reached out and asked how you can help, the college has created two ways to support our students and campus: KCAI Cares Fund. This newly created fund is in direct response to the growing and immediate needs of our students. KCAI Cares will provide financial assistance grants up to $300 for students who are unable to meet essential expenses, such as groceries, utilities or rent. KCAI Annual Fund. An existing fund that supports our commitment to every person at the college. During this time, KCAI is compensating faculty, staff, technicians, work study students, models in studios and those who provide services that our community relies upon like security, facilities and dining for residents who read more…