February 3, 2017

State of the World Opens at H&R Block Artspace

State of the World, opening February 10 and running through March 18, presents work by 14 artists whose projects invoke and explore the symbolic power of the flag as a means to understand and question the power structures they represent and, at times, create imaginative new proposals for alliances and allegiances.

The 14 artists featured in the exhibit are Vito Acconci, Sonya Clark, Edith Dekyndt, Mounir Fatmi, Komar & Melamid, Pedro Lasch, Lucy + Jorge Orta, Georgia Papageorge, Mike Sinclair, Allison Smith, James Woodfill and Yara Said for The Refugee Nation.

Employing artistic strategies including abstraction, representation, and performance, these artists investigate ideas relating to identity, alienation, nationalism and citizenship as they confront issues pertinent to global culture today and respond to social and political stress and the unrest of our time.

Go to http://kcai.edu/artspace for more information and exhibit hours.

September 23, 2020

One Month In

We’re one month into the semester and we’re still here on campus and in the studios. Due to the diligence of the community, we are able to report that at this time we have limited confirmed COVID cases and no campus spread. An incredible accomplishment that we hope to carry through the rest of the school year. We continue to balance the health and safety of our campus community with the need to offer in-person studio instruction. We know how important it is for our maker community to be on-campus, using the equipment, tools and technology in studios. Our hybrid model of online and in-person teaching is working. We’ll continue to wear our masks, social distance, and follow protocols to keep our campus community safe. My sincere thanks to everyone – students, faculty, and staff—who are making this work. Enrollment is steady at almost 700 new and returning students. We have full occupancy in the spectacular Barbara Marshall Residence Hall, and we have additional students making their home at the nearby Marriott hotel. Thanks to the generosity of our Board of Trustees and many donors, students arrived on campus this fall to fantastic new studios and classrooms. The Tony Jones Studios for Animation and Illustration provides much-needed space for our two largest progammes in read more…

September 22, 2020

Current Perspectives Lecture Series Goes Virtual

An Oscar winning screenwriter and an iconic graphic designer are among the four notable artists Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) will welcome this fall to present at the Current Perspectives virtual lecture series. These presentations by a diverse group of artists and scholars will inform, engage and celebrate relevant topics and practices in contemporary art and culture. They will also engage with students through a series of virtual roundtable discussions and critiques. Each lecture will take place at 7 p.m. online. Tickets are required and all events are free and open to the public. Click here for more detailed information Aram Han Sifuentes: Art in Action September 24 Aram Han Sifuentes uses art to disrupt, unsettle, and rupture dominant narrative to assert, demand, and claim spaces for those who are commonly othered, particularly for immigrants of color. She will talk about her projects U.S. Citizenship Test Sampler, Protest Banner Lending Library, and Official Unofficial Voting Station: Voting for All Who Legally Can’t, and how she uses art to confront social and racial injustices against the disenfranchised and riff off of official institutions and bureaucratic processes to reimagine new, inclusive, and humanized systems of civic engagement and belonging. Amir Zaki: Building & Becoming October 22 Amir Zaki has an ongoing interest in the read more…