Graphic Design

Graphic Design Faculty

  • Laura Berman, professor of printmaking and acting chair of graphic design

    Laura Berman is a professor of printmaking and acting chair of graphic design at the Kansas City Art Institute, where she has...Read More
  • Kelly Ludwig, assistant professor and program head

    Kelly Ludwig has been designing professionally since graduating from the University of Kansas with a B.F.A. degree in visual...Read More
  • Michael Kidwell, assistant professor

    Michael Kidwell is a designer with a unique professional history that includes industrial and graphic design experience in both...Read More
  • Paul Diamond, lecturer

    Paul Diamond is co-founder and co-creative director of DMH in...Read More
  • Dan Padavic, lecturer

    Dan Padavic, who brings years of experience as a printmaker and designer, has printed work for various bands and musicians. In addition...Read More
  • Erika Goering, lecturer

    Erika Goering is a user-experience designer and information architect in emerging technologies, focusing mainly on Web and mobile app...Read More
  • Emmy Rice, visiting assistant professor

      Emmy Rice started her teaching career at a high school in Marseille, France, and has spent the past five years teaching...Read More
  • Martin Venezky, Joyce C. Hall Distinguished Professor of Design

    Martin Venezky first gained renown in 1995 for the design of Speak magazine. With his firm Appetite Engineers, Venezky  continues...Read More

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