Off Campus Housing

KCAI is located in a residential neighborhood called Southmoreland, noted for tree-lined streets, large homes and many six-plex-style apartment buildings from the 1920s.

Students seeking off-campus housing are encouraged to take time and ask questions before signing a rental agreement. KCAI wants you to have a living experience that supports your life as a student, and while there are many good apartment living situations, there are also ones to avoid. We want you to move in with confidence. Your living situation should not distract you from your academic pursuits. No matter where you live, you must play an active role in your personal safety and in fulfilling your responsibilities as a renter. 

Beginning your search 

About a month before you're ready to move to Kansas City, we strongly recommend you plan a visit to look for housing. We suggest you plan to move to Kansas City at least two weeks before classes start to allow time to settle in.

It's best to do a lot of the legwork over the phone before you arrive in Kansas City. Set up as many appointments as possible with property managers so that you can make the best use of limited time during your search. A list of property contacts can be found in the Off-Campus Housing Guide.


Many KCAI students share apartments or houses for safety and financial reasons. There are a couple of resources for students looking for a roommate:

  1. Contact Joe Timson, assistant dean of students, student life, 816-802-3419
  2. Join the KCAI Class of 2018 Facebook page to connect with fellow students looking for a roommate.

Apartment buildings close to campus

4233 Walnut
Chequers is owned by KCAI and managed by The Orion Property Group. The complex is solely for student use.

Alpine - Celtic Properties
4038 McGee

Roanoke West Apartments
4440 Roanoke

Knaack Properties
4057 Warwick Blvd

46th Terrace and Wornall

Villa La Paz
4335 Oak
Kansas City, MO 64111

Plaza Terrace
610 W. 46th St.

Mac Properties
350 E. Armour Blvd.

109 East 40th

North Terrace Property Management
4344 Belleview Ave.

George W. Miller Company

415 West 46th Street

Brush Creek Village
1500 E. 46th Street

The Historic Ellison Apartments
300 W Armour Blvd

Eagle Point Properties
Armour Blvd area

Terra Management

4821 Roanoke, Suite 102

4104 Warwick Apartments
Tobacco free property  

Helmuth Rentals
4147 McGee – 4209-11 Oak

4132-4136 Warwick Blvd. Apartments
Don - 816-838-3918
Gary - 816-616-6267

Other resources
 – Housing in Kansas City area – Student housing near KCAI 

Student renters insurance options
The link below will provide you with information about four insurance companies that provide renters policies. These companies have good reputations and received positive feedback on the Better Business Bureau website. KCAI will not benefit in any way if you decide to purchase one of their plans. These links are provided simply as a resource to you. We do recommend that you have some kind of insurance package in place before you move into the Living Center, or an off campus property, as the college is not responsible for damages to or losses of your personal property. Please note that many families will find that they have enough coverage through their homeowners or renters insurance policies to cover a student's belongings in the Living Center on campus, or in an off campus rental property.


Campus resources

For questions regarding off-campus housing:

  1. Contact Joe Timson, assistant dean of students,, 816-802-3419
  2. Check out the Off-Campus Housing Guide.

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