Dear Perkins Borrower,

Don't assume that because you have deferred some of your student loans that you have deferred all of your student loans. The Federal Perkins Program is its own entity and requires separate paperwork for all entitlements. The number one mistake that borrowers make is NOT keeping the student loan lender informed on important personal information. Borrowers need to keep records up to date with all creditors and lenders for a variety of reasons. More likely than not, this lack of communication results in late fees, default, credit dings, and even collections. Ultimately, the borrower is responsible for paying the monthly installments regardless of whether statements are received at a current mailing address. Please keep KCAI up to date with your current contact information.

If you are planning to attend another institution or leave the school for any reason, the Kansas City Art Institute is required to conduct an exit interview prior to your departure. Please schedule this meeting along with all of your other departure commitments. If you are planning to attend another institution the following semester, do not assume that KCAI will have access to this information. To cover yourself, fill out a school deferment form including all proper documentation and certifications, then return the form either to the Kansas City Art Institute. There is a National Clearing House record; however, not all schools participate in this program. If this is the case, your loan will go into repayment with a grace period of 9 months. The first payment will be due 9 months from your departure from KCAI.

Another common mistake is to assume that your Perkins Loan is part of your Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Student loan portfolio.

Students move more than any other demographic group. It's a fact! It doesn't have to be a problem for loan borrowers, you can do two things. First, give us a reliable permanent address such as a parent or relative to send all correspondence too. Second, keep us informed when you move. Yes! It's a pain, but it has to be done in order for us to get accurate information to you. It is much easier to help you before there is a problem than it is to repair credit or rehab accounts.

Use this site to streamline everything and cut down on stress in dealing with your Perkins Loan.

Youe KCAI Perkins Loan Specialist.

Email Your Perkins Loan Specialist.

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