Summer/Winter Intersessions

Summer and winter intersession courses and internships are offered as part of KCAI's regular academic curriculum. B.F.A. degree program students may enroll in no more than six credit hours per session. Intersession courses are open to students from other institutions and members of the community through KCAI's School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

Degree program classes for winter 2015



Winter Intersessionisoffered as part of our regular academic curriculum. KCAI Degree Program students may enroll for no more than three (3) credit hours. Enrollment for KCAI Degree Program students is done through web registration.

Unpaid Students

Students who have enrolled but not paid will be automatically dropped from class. Remaining spots in the class are based on a first come; first serve basis after the deadline. Students may reenroll and pay to secure a spot if it is available.


Tuition is $440 per credit hour. Students registering for studio classes are required to pay studio fees of $34 per credit hour, as well as any additional materials fee for their specific studio. Students who wish to audit a class must register through the Continuing and Professional Studies Office and pay tuition of $500, plus any materials fees. Tuition and fees are due in full in the Business Office by Friday, Dec. 5. Your enrollment will be cancelled the day after this payment deadline if payment has not been received.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is unavailable for Winter Intersession, but students can talk to the Financial Aid Office to see if there might be a loan option available.

Computer Access

Computer access will be provided in the Jannes Computer Lab during winter intersession. Check the door for posted hours or go to

Tuition Refunds

Winter Session classes are calculated on the date the student officially withdraws in the Registrar's Office. Refunds requested by mail will be calculated by the postmarked date. Students withdrawing will be charged a $35 administrative fee per course. Last day to withdraw from class without grade penalty: Jan. 13.
The amount of tuition refund if officially withdrawn is the following:
100% prior to the course beginning
90% prior to second meeting of class
50% prior to third meeting
25% prior to fourth meeting of class 
There are no refunds for withdrawals from courses after the start of the fourth class session. 100% of all tuition and fees will be refunded within four weeks if a class is canceled due to insufficient enrollment. 

Visiting Students and Community Members

Visiting students and KC community members are welcome to take these courses and may register through the Continuing and Professional Studies Office. Registration is available online at or by phone, using a credit card (Visa or Master Card), call (816) 802-3505 or visit our office at 108 E. 43rd street to register in person. Students desirous of transferring credits earned at KCAI to other institutions should consult with their academic advisors at those institutions for transfer approval.


Tuition and Fees Due in the Business Office: Friday, Dec. 5
First Day of Class:  Thursday, Jan. 5
Last Day to Drop/Add Classes: Tuesday, Jan. 6
Last Day to Withdraw from Class: Tuesday, Jan. 13
Last Day of Class:  Thursday, Jan. 22

Course offerings for winter 2015

Classes for degree-seeking students during the 2015 Winter Intersession include a faculty-led trip to Hungary; China; Florence, Italy; and Paris, France.

Download the complete course schedule for winter 2015 (PDF)

Download the Summer Intersession Policies and Procedures (PDF)

Continuing Education

Interested in continuing education classes at KCAI? Visit the School for Continuing and Professional Studies.

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