About the Department

The department of safety and security is located in Vanderslice Hall. Staff members, including a director, supervisor and 10 officers, are uniformed and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

These men and women are trained in basic first aid and CPR and are required to participate in continual in-house training to upgrade their skills. Safety and security staff are unarmed and carry private police officers commissions issued through the Kansas City Missouri Police Department.

All safety and security personnel receive training in-house on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to patrol procedures, interviewing, crime prevention, handcuffing, use of pepper spray, report writing, public relations and physical security techniques.

Officers are assigned to roving patrols of the campus. Their duties include building checks for safety and security issues, responding to requests for locks and unlocks, call responses and report writing, safety inspections (fire extinguishers and other liability problems), pedestrian checks, first aid calls and other campus assists. Officers assigned to the Student Living Center control access by monitoring who is entering the building, i.e. by identifying students, faculty, staff and others.

Safety and s ecurity officers conduct foot patrols of the campus and surrounding area 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On campus, they enforce all policies of the school and all state and federal laws. The department works closely with law enforcement agencies as needed, to assist with incidents that may occur on or off campus and which may include the sharing of written reports and information.

Members of the KCAI community are encouraged to report crimes, suspicious activities or other emergencies to the department by immediately dialing 931-6666. Security officers will respond to the site of the emergency/incident and assist as needed. Officers then prepare and submit incident reports or forward complaints to the appropriate agency for investigation, if warranted.

The office of student life, director of the Student Living Center and the department of safety and security sponsor awareness programs on topics including personal safety awareness, rape prevention and the prevention of larceny, burglary and vandalism. Information pertaining to safety and security matters is provided to students, faculty and staff through bulletins and newsletters and during student orientation programs.

Mission of the department of safety and security

The department of safety and security of the Kansas City Art Institute exists to serve and protect an educational environment designed to provide a community that fosters each student's commitment to art and his or her development for humanistic values. The department respects this unique freedom, creativity, discipline and vision. The department continually strives for excellence and to maintain a safe and secure environment through service, integrity, leadership and fair treatment to all. The mission of the department of safety and security is to enable our students to enjoy their years at KCAI as free as possible from threats to their safety and well-being. In addition to around-the-clock patrol and protective services, our trained professional security staff will provide, upon request, crime prevention and safety awareness programs. While the campus is certainly not crime-free, those crimes reported are relatively few and minor in nature.

Core values

SERVICE To contribute to the total safety and security of the Kansas City Art Institute by anticipating and preventing criminal activity; by responding to observed needs in preventing loss and damage to property; by responding to fires; by providing security and fire safety awareness training; by conducting fire and hazardous situation inspections; by making the campus a safer place to live, work and visit; by communicating to staff, faculty, students and visitors, through word and action, our ongoing commitment to protecting lives and property; and by stressing the importance of Kansas City Art Institute campus community support and involvement.

LEADERSHIP To emphasize the need for professional excellence by providing motivation, direction, training opportunities and the necessary resources; and to systematically prepare all employees for future challenges.

INTEGRITY To build upon a century of educating professionals of the Kansas City Art Institute in maintaining and enhancing the campus community's trust; to sustain a record of professionalism and progressiveness, coupled with compassion, underscoring the department's role in preserving the peace, and responding aggressively and effectively to safety and security issues; and to deal directly and objectively with any actions which could undermine this time-honored record of integrity.

FAIRNESS To recognize the diverse racial, ethnic and cultural composition of the Kansas City Art Institute; to understand the need for sensitivity and fair treatment in promoting strong, mutually supportive ties with the campus community.

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