KCAI Screening Room

Sit back. Relax. Forget about that studio project, art history paper or work deadline for a few hours. Each Saturday during the academic year at Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City, 1400 Main St., movie-goers and film lovers can settle in for the KCAI Screening Room, a program featuring a student-curated film series presented by the photography and digital filmmaking department and hosted by Alamo.

Photo courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City.

KCAI Screening Room's mission is to raise appreciation for cinema and help build a cross-departmental community where students can create dialogues about time-based media and be exposed to new or important films outside of the studio setting. The group has partnered with Alamo Drafthouse to host the screenings and the events are open to all KCAI students and faculty as well as to the public.The group aims to build a sense of cohesion among students at KCAI and create a connection between KCAI and the larger community. 

Fall 2013's curatorial panel includes Erin Kennedy (senior, animation), Ernesto Flores (junior, digital filmmaking), Derek Hutsell (senior, photography), Kendall Brush (junior, digital filmmaking), and Noah Geiger (freshman, foundations).

Each screening will begin with an informal discussion of the film's importance and end with an opportunity for further conversation. Films will range from the critically acclaimed to cult fare. KCAI SR screenings are free to KCAI students, faculty and staff by showing your ID badge.  Family and friends may attend for $5.

There is limited seating, and screenings do fill up. You can reserve your tickets by calling 816-474-4545, Ext. 5, for the Alamo Drafthouse box office.
For more information, contact Trey Hock, special instructor of photography and digital filmmaking and KCAI Screening Room faculty advisor, at thock@kcai.edu.

2014 Schedule

All films are shown on Saturday afternoon at Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City, 1400 Main St.

Pictured: KCAI Screening Room founding members Erin Kennedy, Mintra Greer, Matthew Lloyd and Ryan Pechnick, and faculty advisor Trey Hock, special instructor of photography and digital filmmaking.

Titles may change due to availability or scheduling conflicts. Our curatorial panel will attempt to choose comparable titles, but all of the films are chosen based on cultural, cinematic, or historical importance and are worth checking out. We will always give as much advanced notice as possible when title changes must occur.


February 2: "Rear Window"
February 9:
Japanese Film Festival - No Screening Room
February 16: "Taxi Driver"
February 23: "Apocalypse Now"


March 2: "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert"
March 9: "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"
March 16: "My Own Private Idaho"
March 23: "Paris Is Burning"
March 30: "Pink Flamingos"


April 6: "Harold and Maude"
April 12: The Kansas City Film Festival - No Screening Room
April 19: Middle of the Map Film Festival - No Screening Room
April 26: "Tetsuo, the Iron Man"


May 3: "THX 1138"
May 10: "Fantastic Planet"
May 17: Commencement - No Screening Room
May 24: "Annie Hall"
May 31: "Un Chien Andalou" and "The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie"