Local College Exchange Program

KCAI has agreements with local colleges and universities through the Kansas City Area School Exchange (KCASE) program that allows students to take one class per semester at a participating school. This program allows KCAI students to access classes not available at KCAI such as foreign languages.

Participating schools

University of Missouri, Kansas City
Rockhurst University
Penn Valley Community College
Longview Community College
Maple Woods Community College
Blue River Community College
Park University
William Jewell College

Incoming (non-KCAI) student information


  • You may pre-register/register for a KCAI class through the KCASE exchange program any time after pre-registration begins by paying all fees (tuition is waived) and bringing a signed KCASE form from your home school to an academic advisor.
  • The KCASE exchange is only available during the fall and spring semesters. You may take studio electives or liberal arts classes through the KCASE exchange.
  • If the class you want to take is closed, you may be placed on the wait list by paying the fees in lieu of the tuition deposit paid by KCAI students. If a space does not become available by the first day of class, the fees will be refunded upon request.


  • Bring your signed KCASE form from your home institution to a KCAI academic advisor. If there is room in the class, the academic advisor will sign your KCASE form and provide you with a fee schedule.
  • Take the KCASE form to the Regitrar's Office. Fill out a KCAI Student Information Form and pick up your schedule.
  • Pay the required fees in the business office. The business office will complete your paperwork.
  • At the end of the semester, an official transcript will be sent to your home institution.

Outgoing (KCAI) student information

After you have chosen a class you would like to take at a host school that fits your schedule:

  • Meet with an academic advisor to ensure the chosen class fits into your B.F.A. requirements and academic goals. You must be currently enrolled which includes payment of the current semester’s charges.
  • In conjunction with the academic advisor, fill out and sign the KCASE form.
  • Take the KCASE form to the host school to enroll in the class during the specific times enrollment times as determined by the host school.
  • After registering for the class, take the registration materials from the host school to the Registrar's Office to receive your updated class schedule.
  • If you drop or withdraw from the class, you must complete the withdrawal process at both the host school and KCAI.
  • At the end of the semester, the KCASE grade and credit hours will be included in your transcript.

Student handbook

Download the student handbook for information about student services, degree requirements, the grading system, course reservations, academic appeals and academic standings.