KCAI Graphic Standards

The Kansas City Art Institute is a national and local leader in arts education and a vital contributor to the Kansas City arts community. Every time we communicate, we express our overall identity both visually and verbally. By creating an integrated visual identity system and consistently applying a unified look and feel to every communications opportunity, internally and externally, including stationery, publications, collateral, Web site, signage, video, merchandise, advertisements, etc., we leverage and protect a valued asset, the KCAI name and image. A strong identity, like a firm handshake, creates an indelible first impression.

The KCAI Graphics Standards Guide provides a step-by-step introduction to the visual identity system. It can be downloaded as a PDF, and key elements are given below.

Version one optimized for on-screen viewing and email.

Version two optimized for desktop printing.

Essential elements of the visual identity system

The two-line signature (logo)

The two-line signature for the Kansas City Art Institute is the primary visual representation for the college. It is comprised of the college's name, set in all caps in Futura Condensed. The "A" in "ART" has been tilted to suggest energy and the artistic spirit.

The subscript, "A four-year college of art and design," is set in Garamond and is locked up beneath the school's name. This subscript is used in a fixed relationship to the signature. The signature is never used without the subscript.

The core graphic

The core graphic is used to capture visually the Kansas City Art Institute's unique point of difference in a graphic language that sets the Art Institute apart from other art schools.

The look and feel of the visual identity system is comprised of a graphic shape that defines the central core of KCAI's campus. This shape is referred to as the core graphic. It has been created by tracing the sides of the building that face in toward the center of the central lawn on campus.

Use the core graphic as a solid, positive shape, a negative shape or a linear outline. It can be turned, morphed and reconfigured as desired. It establishes a flexible vocabulary that allows any graphic designer on any project to explore new variations on a theme.


The primary color scheme for KCAI is purple and green, the traditional school colors. These colors have been updated to become PMS 2602 (purple, upper left) and either PMS 397 (lime-green, upper right) or PMS 445 (gray-green, lower left). The secondary color scheme is PMS 204 (pink, lower right) and off-white.

Always use school colors at full strength. Never use tints, gradations or blends because they diminish the intensity of the color and create new colors that are not intended to be part of the identity system. Duotones using black as a second color are acceptable.

Off-white is an important aspect of our color palette. It is used primarily for background color and for paper color. Off-white refers to the raw materials (clay, canvas, etc.) that artists use.

Please note: Colors do not reproduce accurately on computer screens, due to differences in the color modes. To ensure accuracy, please consult a Pantone formula guide.


Futura and Garamond are the two primary typefaces to be used for KCAI communications. They provide a visual reference to the signature and subscript. Beowolf is a secondary typeface to be used for headlines and text that is set over 14 point. 

Futura Condensed Medium is recommended for titles. Whenever possible, titles and subtitles should be set vertically. Garamond is recommended for body text.

In order not to compete visually with the two-line signature, which has been created in all caps, only upper and lower text should be used. Boldface text, the use of contrasting colored text or enlarged text sizes can be used instead to give emphasis. Never use drop shadows with typography.

Please note: To receive digital artwork files of the two-line signature, the core graphic and the typefaces described on this Web page, contact the communications department. Contact information is listed below. Certain requests, like customizing the core graphic for a specific project, may require the help of a graphic designer.


Caitlin Knoll
Communications Coordinator
Kansas City Art Insitute
4415 Warwick Blvd.
Kansas City, MO 64111