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Today, just as it was in 1885, bright and talented students come to the Kansas City Art Institute to fulfill their dreams. It is here that their minds are opened to possibilities, their skills are developed and honed, and their individual paths to the future become clear.


But there is a gap between what students pay for their education and what it costs to provide it. The Kansas City Art Institute is a private, nonprofit college, so we do not receive federal or state government funding. That is why we must depend on those who understand and appreciate the importance of art and design to help fill that gap.

Invest in KCAI

For more than 125 years, the Kansas City Art Institute has been the launching pad for thousands of artists and designers who have gone on to impact their disciplines, enjoy successful careers and contribute to our society and communities. On their behalf, thank you for taking the time to consider becoming involved in our advancement efforts.

What our fans are saying...

"The Art Institute adds texture to the community, attracting artistic and creative people who then make contributions throughout the city. The faculty have contributed their ideas and talent toward everything from the Freight House district to training a new generation of artists. More than anything, the students and faculty add a texture to the city that would be lacking if the Kansas City Art Institute were not here." - Bill Hall, president, Hall Family Foundation

"I truly appreciate the contributions Kansas Citians make to the scholarship fund at KCAI. Their generous support of fine art education enriches the life of the school and of our community at large. Many former scholarship winners, like me, go on to build significant careers in the Kansas City area, and contribute to the cultural fabric that makes our city so unique." - Laura McGrew (’88 painting), entrepreneur and owner of TOMBOY design

"The Art Institute has been a creative wellspring for Peruvian Connection. Through the years, the fiber department has supplied us with some of our top creative talent. We also have hired a number of Art Institute grads to help the creative execution of our retail stores. What an amazing resource, right here in our own backyard." - Annie Hurlbut Zander, CEO of Peruvian Connection

"We hired several students from the Kansas City Art Institute who have had a huge influence on the creative aspect of what we do. The Art Institute graduates use their talents to help the company's engineers brainstorm ideas for new products, including custom light fixtures, or assist the marketing department in touting the firm's special capabilities." - Bill Zahner, CEO and president of A. Zahner Company

Our appreciation

All that students, alumni, faculty and staff achieve at KCAI would not be possible without the support and commitment of corporations, businesses, foundations and individuals who believe in our mission and work on our behalf in countless ways.

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Kansas City Art Institute. Your support ensures that future generations of artists and designers will receive an unsurpassed education and prepare successfully for careers that will affect the cultural environment well into the future.

Donate now.

Donate now

Your support ensures that future generations of artists and designers will receive an education that will prepare them to creatively transform the world through art and design. Make a donation.

Sponsored Studio

Is your business or company looking for a creative spark? Consider partnering with KCAI in a Sponsored Studio. Through this program, you can gain access to faculty and students who see the world with a unique persective.