Online Directory

The Kansas City Art Institute has an online alumni directory. The directory is accessible only by alumni who have registered.

The directory allows users to connect instantly with alumni. Many alumni are not on Facebook or are are deactivating their Facebook accounts so the online directory provides an easy way to get in touch.

You can find contact information of friends with whom you’ve lost contact or send them secure email messages.

It is easy to create and update your profile which in turn provides KCAI with your contact information. Receive the e-newsletter, Alumni News and updates on upcoming events.

To sign up to use the online directory, contact You will receive a unique ID to register for the directory, located at

And don't miss KCAI on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Connect with other KCAI alumni and remain connected to the College via the following sites:

FACEBOOK: Join the KCAI Alumni group to share your work or other information with the alumni community
TWITTER: Follow KCAI: @kcaialumni, @KCArtinstitute
LINKEDIN: Exchange or seek professional opportunities and advice as part of the KCAI LinkedIn Group.

We are currently looking to broaden our social media platform to include Kickstarter, Etsy and more. If you have any other suggestions, let us know by contacting the alumni office at

Digital gallery

View work by fellow alumni, current students and faculty in our digital gallery.